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Stop trying to sell me

I’m all about capitalism but I’m sick and fucking tired of constantly being met with the resistance from a sales person. Case in point, we moved this month and needed to transfer our Internet service. Pretty simple situation, nothing needed to change on our plan, just the address that the […]

Simple cache busting with Webpack

Here at CrowdSync, we’re huge fans of CloudFlare. As customers, we are leveraging the power of CloudFlare’s caching mechanisms. Part of our deployment process to production involving flushing the cache via the CloudFlare API. Problem there is that only solves half of the caching dilemma. Even with our CloudFlare cache […]

Stop over configuring Vim

Over the year, I’ve waxed and waned with the size of my .vimrc. In the early days, it was trim but so was my knowledge of Vim. Once I learned how to disable my arrow keys, I started to configure more and more. It wasn’t until I fully understood the […]

The death of the headphone jack

Apple had #courage and Google is proving they can imitate just as well as they can innovate. The headphone jack is effectively dead on cell phones as I suspect other manufacturers will start to implement this “me too” design philosophy. For me personally, I’m heavily invested in a set of […]

React Draft Wysiwyg with MongoDB

We love open source software here at CrowdSync. Sometimes though, we run into issues with the software we’ve deemed as the “right” package for us. A recent incident has been with React Draft Wysiwyg which we decided to use as part of our action to compose and send emails to […]

Corporate vs. Community in Open Source Software

Earlier this year I went all in on Arch Linux. I had long desired a rolling release system that would provide me with the latest and greatest software that the free and open source software community had to offer. And it’s been about 3 weeks since GNOME 3.26 was released […]

The easiest way to engage your readers

I blog. I have some readers. I try to be engaging. I may not always succeed in being engaging but I do try. Thing is, it’s pretty freaking easy to engage with your readers. Assuming you have comments turned on at least. If you have comments turned on, perfect, all […]

When your ESP embarrasses you

If you’re on my mailing list, you probably noticed that you have been receiving duplicates of my newsletter. My bad, many apologies for that. Unsure why, MailChimp, my ESP (email service provider) started double sending posts from my RSS feed this week. Fortunately, they only cost me 3 subscribers. This […]

Using ssh-copy-id with an alternate SSH port

If you’re anything like me, you’re somewhat paranoid security-minded. Because of this, you’ve most likely moved the SSH port on your server(s) to something other than the standard port 22. Nothing wrong with a little bit of security through obscurity on top of all of the other crap you’ve done […]

Don't stay in your own lane

Don’t give me that disconcerting look. I’m not talking about while you’re driving. I’m talking about roles at a startup! In a small organization that is strapped for time and resources the last thing you want to be is as Alton Brown would say, a “unitasker”. Staying in your own […]

reCAPTCHA is broken

In the words of the Security Level setting for CloudFlare’s Firewall: I’m Under Attack! As it turns out, I’m not a stranger to having bots on my social network, I’ve even documented my previous experience with a DDoS attack and how to mitigate a WordPress Pingback attack! This particular […]

How to spend a working weekend in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is an exceptional city. There’s great food, live music everywhere. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. This past weekend wasn’t one for enjoying the sights though. We had gathered in the Lone Star State to have the opportunity to be in the same room and getting some work done. All […]

How do I sign up?

One of the most frequent requests I receive on Holiday API is “How do I sign up for an account?” and “How do I get an API key?” It throws me off because there is a giant “get started for free” banner near the top of the page. It stands […]

The boob post

My wife, the esteemed blogger that she is, gave me a bit of advice recently: If you showed more titties on your blog, you would have more followers. It’s sound, and quite easily the best advice I’ve ever received concerning my blog! Hovering around a mere zero percent, the amount […]

Fixing an Arch Linux system that is booting into emergency mode

File this under “crap I want to document in case it happens again later”. So while in the middle of working today, my MacBook Pro running Arch Linux (recently clean installed) decided to lock up on me. Pretty sure it was Firefox Developer Edition that did it, but that’s for […]

How to do stuff

So I read this Lifehacker article the other day discussing Google’s top 10 “how to” searches worldwide from 2004 to 2017. I was like “Good God Lemon, I know how do that stuff!” Enough banter, here’s Josh’s guide to doing a bunch of stuff: How to tie a tie Put […]

Side projects are not a threat

Say it with me, side projects are not a threat. If anything, they should be viewed as a form of continuing education. Before you say anything, I’m fully aware that there are assholes out there that choose to run their side business(es) while they are on the clock. They tend […]

Founder Falloff

There’s too many posts out there talking about how to find a good co-founder. And perhaps if I had read them all, I wouldn’t be writing a post like this. Today I want to talk about something that I’ve been referring to as “Founder Falloff”. The situation seems to arise […]

Confessions of a distro hopper

Hi, I’m Josh, a born again Linux user that somehow became a distro hopper. Sadly, I’m not entirely sure when I had lost control. If you look at my track record prior to switching back from OS X last year, I had only really used two distros (Slackware and Ubuntu) […]

You gotta get away for a while

I’m fortunate to work for a company (Sumo) that takes bi-annual retreats. Going into the job, I had no fucking clue how important getting away from the wife and kid would be for me. These trips have continually been a time of personal growth and if nothing else, give me […]

Finding old pending comments in Disqus

I try to reply to each and every comment on my blog. It’s just common courtesy to my readers and I love to extend the dialog beyond the content of the post itself. Sadly though, I tend to only be diligent about replying for a week or so before starting […]

Hide title bars in GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell’s title bars are just too damn big. So big that I have been toying around with the idea of going back to a tiling window manager. TWMs like xmonad and i3 have little to no title bar. It saves space and creates a clean aesthetic. I’m not the […]

$5 Showdown: Linode vs. DigitalOcean vs. Amazon Lightsail vs. Vultr - July 2017

Damn Josh, back at it again with the VPS comparison! It’s been a little more than 6 months since my last comparison post and a lot of the recent feedback has been to refresh the data a bit more regularly. The other major bit of feedback has been to include […]

Stop thinking, start doing

Nothing urks me more than somebody saying they want to do something and all they are doing to accomplish it is thinking about it. Had a conversation about this with somebody recently. They want to get into selling their artwork. That’s fucking great! So I proceeded to ask if they […]

Tortilla chip croutons

Ever get an idea in your head, then search the web furiously under the assumption that somebody had to have done it already? That was me today. I like taco salads but I simply hate the idea of an edible bowl. I mean, am I supposed to eat it or […]