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No sound from iOS games without headphones connected

While I’ve had iPhones and iPads in the past, and have been back on iOS from Android for the last year, there are still some things that I’m ignorant to. One of those things, is why most of the games I played on my iPhone only played sounds when I […]

Apple TV remote volume not working

We love the Apple TV, but ever since upgrading to the Apple TV Siri Remote, we’ve run into situations where the volume controls just decide they are done working. The speculation is that it has something to do with the hand off to and from Apple AirPods somehow messing things […]

Multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) not working

Multi-factor authentication is an absolute must to help maintain the highest level of security on your accounts. There’s many ways to go about MFA/2FA from using an authenticator app to receiving a text message on your phone. Regardless of the method you choose, the day may come that your are […]

Fixing Nest error e73 - No power to Rc wire detected

It’s been heating up in Texas recently, even more so when I had discovered that our Nest unit was giving us grief about the “Rc wire” not being detected. This is an existing unit, not one that I recently installed, so I was skeptical that the wire wasn’t connected properly. […]

Phoning it in

I pride myself on never phoning it in. I’m a passionate individual and I try to always bring that fire into whatever I’m doing. I’m a big believer in Extreme Ownership and giving 110%, cranking it 11, or whatever other euphemism you can throw in to describe the situation. That […]

Coming home to Chrome/Chromium

Ever fearful of a return to the Internet Explorer / Micro$oft controlled landscape of the original browser wars, I’ve always tried to keep my options open and rely on more contrarian browser options. Sometimes those browsers were based on Chromium, like Brave. Other times, they used a different rendering engine, […]

Fixing distortion and red lines when moving items in Diablo III on a MacBook Pro

For season 19 of Diablo III, the wife and I decided that we were not only going to play the season, but actually set out to complete all of the objectives for the season. As we’re pretty much filthy casuals when it comes to Diablo, we did both accomplish what […]

The end of a decade

Usually for the last post of the year I do a bit of a retrospective / lessons learned kind of post. Not going to bore you with that this year. Instead, I want to talk a bit about the concept of a decade. The only time I personally seem to […]

Another two weeks with Firefox

A few years back, I went all in on Firefox and Duck Duck Go for a few weeks, only to wind back up on Chromium. Duck Duck Go has been my default search engine since then, but Firefox ended up being somewhat underwhelming for me, and I ran into a […]

My 2020 Goals

For the last 3 years, around the week of Thanksgiving, I have put pen to paper to list out a series of goals for myself. Some health and some wealth. Not always business related, so there’s family goals and personal growth and creativity stuff in the mix as well. That […]

How to fix a borked USB flash drive

So this post was supposed to be how I [yet again] fixed an issue with a USB flash drive that I use for installing Linux. The USB flash drive in question is “the blue one” that I picked up back in 2016 because I wanted to have a handful of […]

How to address an envelope

Recently while dropping by my locally owned and operated UPS store, I got to overhear a question asked by an adult that appeared to be around my age. They asked the clerk where the recipient’s address was supposed to go on the envelope they were mailing. I was kind of […]

Stop asking for handouts

Rarely a week goes by that I’m not hit up by somebody asking me to do them a favor. By favor, I actually mean handout. Why do I mean handout? Because favors tend to be something that can be paid back and from where I’m sitting, there’s no way for […]

Unsolicited Relationship Advice

Relationships… What was it that Chris Rock said? Oh yeah. “You can be married and bored, or single and lonely.” Oh Chris, you rascal! You’re a true romantic! In month of March, sixteen years ago, I met the boy, joshtronic. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it’s […]

Yoga pants and your camel toe

Yoga Pants and Your Camel Toe… it’s just not SFW! Hello, it’s thatgirljen, aka the wife, just taking over once again. Love is in the air. Happy [belated] Valentine’s Day. Now, I might have been the master-mind behind the boob post, so for those who are not personally acquainted […]

What to expect when you reset your Authy account

I’ve been an Authy user for a while. I switched to it after I had lost some accounts in my Google Authenticator app when I had switched phones. This was never an issue with Authy, and on the off chance I didn’t have access to an authorized device, I was […]

2018 Recap, Accomplishments, and Lessons Learned

Because I don’t feel like blogging on New Year’s Day this year, I thought it would be good to knock out a year in review post on this final Monday of the year. Recap 2018 was a transitional year of sorts for me as well as the family. For me […]

My 2019 Goals

For the last couple of years I’ve done a post the weekend after Thanksgiving to outline for goals for the coming year. Last year I went pretty big with my goals, a la Grant Cardone and the 10X Rule. But this isn’t a recap post, so I’m not quite ready […]

America: Our National Language

Hello, it’s thatgirljen, the wife, here again with a guest post! You might not know, but I’m a homeschooling parent. That means I get to impart all sorts of vital information and knowledge upon our kiddo. Thankfully, there’s the internet, which is great for sourcing and researching all the facts. […]

Kicking the wife out of the house

You might have read about me on a few occasions. I’m Jen aka thatgirljen, or here I think I’m lovingly referred to as the wife or the Mrs. My over-time job is being the mom, wife and partner. But enough about me. Today I wanted to share something that has […]

Blogging too frequently

Can you ever really blog too much? I wondered that so after my 10th anniversary post, which occurred outside of my usual Sunday or Monday posting schedule, I decided I would up my blogging frequency to three times a week. This went on for a three weeks as part of […]

Portal at Eleven

Eleven years ago today, Portal was released. I happened to have picked the game up a few years later, in 2009, as part of one of the many Steam sales on The Orange Box. And like many games I’ve procured during Steam (and Humble Bundle sales), it took me another […]

Ten Year Blogiversary

Ten. Freakin’. Years. Ten years ago today I “re-established my web presence” in the form of a blatant knock off of Daring Fireball’s design (which sadly, I couldn’t find on’s Wayback Machine) and an abomination of an 18 sentence paragraph. I was also a little over a month away […]

How I GNOME or Why I Don't Use a Tiling Window Manager

You wouldn’t believe how often somebody says to me, “you should check out a tiling window manager, I think you’d really enjoy it”. I get it, I’m that guy. I still favor the command-line for everything, I use vim and GNU/Screen. I clickety clack on a mechanical keyboard. Hell, I […]

Keeping up with what's next

Had an interesting conversation today with a buddy of mine. He was telling me about how he’s mastered gulp and right on cue, I asked “why not webpack”? No, I didn’t triage that into a lecture about how superior Arch Linux is or anything. Quite the opposite, I got to […]