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Keeping up with what's next

Had an interesting conversation today with a buddy of mine. He was telling me about how he’s mastered gulp and right on cue, I asked “why not webpack”? No, I didn’t triage that into a lecture about how superior Arch Linux is or anything. Quite the opposite, I got to […]

Coping with writer's block

It’s 5:55 PM on a Sunday afternoon and I am succumbing to the fact that today I have writer’s block. I don’t think it’s that I’m blocked up completely (although I am admittedly a bit constipated right now) but I have definitely hit the wall on the post I had […]

I deleted my Facebook and here's what happened

Not a damned thing. Nothing bad at least. Unless you count typing a few times a day when I was trying to avoid the things I should be doing. Time heals all wounds though ;) With that, I have never considered myself addicted to Facebook. In fact, I went […]

So I guess that makes me a liar

It was just over a year ago that I wrote this gem. I shouted to the world that I was done fucking around with how my blog looked and would solely focus on content creation moving forward. Indefinitely. 5ever. Then a little over a year later, I got a bug […]

The Distrohopper, or There and Back Again

In a town in East Texas there lived a distrohopper… To catch you up, I’m a Linux user from the mid-1990s that was hot for Slackware had a brief affair with Gentoo on an iBook before settling into the ease of Ubuntu. Then I took a tragic detour into the […]

2017 Year in Review

The year was two thousand and seventeen and I made a formal decree that I would not engage in any new side projects that year. They were distracting and I already had a full plate with my existing projects as well as the goals I had laid out for myself. […]

My 2018 Goals

Around this time last year, I decided that I would set out on an overly ambitious adventure to be more productive and to accomplish a bunch of shit in 2017. Things turned out pretty well, but this isn’t a recap post. I can bore you with that after the new […]

I am a freeloader

There, I said it. I am a dirty fucking freeloader. At least according to one of my fairly long time subscribers to my mailing list. Seems that last week’s launch announcement about my project CrowdSync ruffled at least a couple of feathers. Thing is, I got a ton of positive […]

How to install Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Android today

I must have been under a rock, but I only heard about a new Animal Crossing game this week. Then I was sad to hear that it wasn’t out yet. Then I was excited to hear that it was actually out! Circle back to being sad when I found out […]

Switching to Vim from Neovim

I’ve been a Vim user for the better part of the last 20 years. I’m also not blind to the fact that there are other editors out there. I’m usually the first person to download a copy of some new editor and/or IDE and give it a whirl, always running […]

Stop trying to sell me

I’m all about capitalism but I’m sick and fucking tired of constantly being met with the resistance from a sales person. Case in point, we moved this month and needed to transfer our Internet service. Pretty simple situation, nothing needed to change on our plan, just the address that the […]

The death of the headphone jack

Apple had #courage and Google is proving they can imitate just as well as they can innovate. The headphone jack is effectively dead on cell phones as I suspect other manufacturers will start to implement this “me too” design philosophy. For me personally, I’m heavily invested in a set of […]

The boob post

My wife, the esteemed blogger that she is, gave me a bit of advice recently: If you showed more titties on your blog, you would have more followers. It’s sound, and quite easily the best advice I’ve ever received concerning my blog! Hovering around a mere zero percent, the amount […]

How to do stuff

So I read this Lifehacker article the other day discussing Google’s top 10 “how to” searches worldwide from 2004 to 2017. I was like “Good God Lemon, I know how do that stuff!” Enough banter, here’s Josh’s guide to doing a bunch of stuff: How to tie a tie Put […]

You gotta get away for a while

I’m fortunate to work for a company (Sumo) that takes bi-annual retreats. Going into the job, I had no fucking clue how important getting away from the wife and kid would be for me. These trips have continually been a time of personal growth and if nothing else, give me […]

Saying goodbye

I didn’t cry this much when my mother passed away. For my momma dog though… I was a fucking wreck. Reason being? At first, I thought maybe just maybe it had something to do with my own emotional growth over the last few years. After an emotional day and taking […]

Missing in Me

One of my goals this year is to write a book… …and I’m doing a superb job of fucking it up by not prioritizing my time around writing and accomplishing this goal of mine. With that, I figured I may as well put some of my words out there, maybe […]

Just drive

We did a thing today. We got in the car and drove to the largest Buc-ee’s in the great state of Texas. Nay! We drove to the largest Buc-ee’s on the planet Earth. Why? Why the fuck not. It’s quite interesting. Upon telling folks that we were going to take […]

Changing personality types

Since late 2015 and every 6 months or so after, I have been taking a Myers-Briggs test by way of 16Personalities. Can’t really remember, but I think the reason I originally took the test was because my Dave had asked me what my personality type was as a way to […]

Lawn mower won't start after winter storage

Last year was the first time in a while that I mowed a lawn. The decision to mow the lawn myself was because I couldn’t stand the idea of shelling out at least 160$ per month for something that I could knock out in around an hour on a Saturday […]

I beat PHP and so can you!

By request from Bill Martin, an abridged history of my relationship with the bastard child of programming languages, PHP. Ahh PHP. I love it. I hate it. For well over a decade, I slung PHP day and night. I got into PHP at the tail end of version 3. Prior […]

Two weeks with Firefox and DuckDuckGo

In a post-Snowden world, it’s hard to not be concerned with privacy and security. I wax and wane with my own interest (and paranoia) and recently decided to give Firefox and DuckDuckGo a shot for the month of February. Unfortunately, a full month ended up being a bit too ambitious […]

The Final Redesign

You read that headline correctly. What you’re looking at right now is the final redesign for my blog. Nothing could be better than this. Okay, you got me. I know that there are better designs out there. Freezing my blog’s design has nothing to do with how it looks and […]

2016 Recap

A few months back I outlined my 2017 goals and figured it would be good to touch on some of the highs and lows of the past 12 months. The biggest thing on the list from this past year is that we moved from Tampa, Florida to Austin, Texas. My […]

My 2017 Goals

Without goals, we are aimless. I thought I had come up with a great opening line for this post only to find out that it’s actually a quote from a book I have never read. Thanks Google ;) My lack of originality aside, I do believe in goals. Goals are […]