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Closed sourcing an open source project

Most of the time, folks are talking about making projects open source not closed. Companies use it as way to get some press and to position themselves as being altruistic by giving back to the community. I used to be that guy. Recently, I came to realize that one of […]

The soundtrack to your feelings

I’ve heard it many times before, “this album is the soundtrack to my life”. That’s not me, or at least the album that I feel that way about has yet to be produced (or I’ve yet to composure it myself? ;). That said, there are a few songs that just […]

Making a house a home

Last Tuesday I flew back to Austin, Texas from Chicago, Illinois. During the trip I came to realize that Austin simply isn’t home, not yet. It became unbearably apparent during the flight home. Quality of life is up, but we’ve yet to settle into our new house. We lack a […]

Jazz Sucks

I hate it, I just fucking hate it. But like most things, I’m always willing to give it another shot from time to time. June 2016 for me, will be Jazzy June. I plan to wholly emerse myself in jazz music. I’m going to listen to it, I’m even going […]

Why my site doesn’t have any navigation

Because I fucking said so, that’s why. loljk. It’s funny because this hasn’t really come up in the four or five months or so since I updated (reads: half-assed) a new layout for my site. I pined heavily over a new header. I paid somebody on Fiverr to make me […]

Honeymoon in Austin

Home is where the heart is and as of last Wednesday that is Austin, Texas. This isn’t our first time in the area, but after settling into our new digs, I can definitely say that we’re in love with the area. That being said, I’m fully aware that right now […]

Goodbye Forever

Today marks the end of my 35 year stint in Florida. Most of the time was spent in Tampa, which I consider to be a complete cesspool of vacationing degenerates. I could focus on that, but there’s no reason to. I want to leave remembering the good things. In Tampa, […]

Switching from iTerm2 to Terminal

iTerm2 has been a mandatory install for me since switching back to OS X a few years ago. At that time it was superior to Terminal for my usage. Recently I asked myself, “what value does iTerm2 add can’t be accomplished with Terminal? Turns out, not enough to keep using […]

Review: Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

tl;dr - If you don’t have a pair, I feel bad for you. Get at ‘em! I’ve been devout fan of not only Sony headphones but also being wireless. For the last few years I have been using the Sony MDR10RBT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. There was a lot to like […]

How to sync local files to Spotify mobile

One of the main reasons that I gave Apple Music a try recently was because I wanted to have some of my personal music collection available on my mobile devices. Turns out there is a way to coax similar functionality out of Spotify! It’s not nearly as elegant but it’s […]

You’re using Spotify wrong

I was at least, perhaps you’re just better at this than me. Spotify has been my primary music consumption service since it launched in the United States in 2011. I have been a premium subscriber for nearly as long and have been following the company since they launched. Fingers crossed […]

Switching from Spotify to Apple Music and back again

Frustrated with recent playback issues with the Spotify desktop app, I engaged in a brief love affair with Apple Music. For me, Apple Music has a ton going for it. Out of the gate, the music selection seemed more robust than Spotify. I don’t consider myself much of an audiophile […]

SumoMe is hiring!

Cheesing out on this week’s post as I’m scrambling to get ready for our company retreat in Puerto Vallarta. That being said, I woke up today and checked out our latest SumoMe email newsletter, A week in the life of a Sumo. I was floored by the email. Not because […]

Drizly shares your address via Twitter

TL;DR - Don’t use Drizly’s share your order link, unless you want everybody knowing where you’re getting your sauce delivered to. First off, I want to say that I am very happy to be part of the Drizly beta launch in Tampa, FL and a little bit proud of Tampa […]

First impressions of the new Apple TV

I’ve been a fan of the Apple TV for quite a while now. I was a bit late to the game as I only picked up a third generation unit in 2013. The unit that I am replacing today has consistently beat out the “smart” functionality of my Samsung television. […]


Just wanted to give everybody the head’s up that I am consolidating into this blog. I still plan to blog about PHP from time to time but I no longer see the need in maintaining it as a separate site. For those that are interested in the migration details, […]

My experience with the Mandela effect

Remember that time I was bit by a dog? I sure as hell do. It was a choatic ordeal where I was living in fear of potentially contracting rabies as we waited to see if the dog that bit me ended up dying in quarantine. The doctor assured me that […]

Don't try to speak my language

You may think you’re being cute. You may even think you’re being relevant. The fact is, you come across like someone that’s out of touch and trying too damn hard. I know you don’t mean it that way, and I think I may actually empathize with you a small bit. […]

PHP is stupid and so are you

I hope you’re really fucking pissed right now. I hope you go thermonuclear on the comments box. Why? Because it really just proves how right I am about how stupid you are. You let some silly blog post get under your skin. Thing is, I really didn’t know what to […]

My skills have nothing to do with my interest

Recently a former co-worker of mine (by way of company acquisition) reached out about a project he was hoping that I would work on. I declined but worked in a small bit of permission networking and made an introduction to one of my buddies because I thought that he may […]

My three favorite free mobile education apps

From time to time I get roped into investing way too much time into mindless video games. I’ve played all the “stories”, I’ve matched all of the candies and most of the Disney characters and as of late I have been working on a repetitive stress injury by way of […]

Determining if you are passionate about something

If you’re like me, you get excited about your ideas. You go from “TO THE MOON!” to “meh, that was so yesterday” in less time than it takes Napalm Death to play a song. That doesn’t mean we have bad ideas; actually, it probably does. It also may mean what […]

Knowing when to quit

A few months back I wrote a post about staying motivated by continuing streaks and how having streaks can keep you motivated even when you are struggling. Just the thought of breaking a streak, especially one that’s a few years old is terrifying. Right now, I am terrified. After two […]

Improving my Vim experience

I love Vim but the fact is I’ve been soul searching for a new editor because I am starting to think I am missing out on things. I decided to put together a list of issues that I have with Vim so that I can work towards imprioving my Vim […]

Safari bug when signing up for Twitter

Wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to blog about today when a stroke of inspiration occurred after the wife was strugglging to create a new Twitter account for an upcoming adventure. I tried it from her computer and everything seemed fine. She said it was because I type faster […]