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Safari bug when signing up for Twitter

Wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to blog about today when a stroke of inspiration occurred after the wife was strugglging to create a new Twitter account for an upcoming adventure. I tried it from her computer and everything seemed fine. She said it was because I type faster […]

Wonder what’s next?

I have been running this blog since 2013 as a way to improve my PHP as well as my writing. It has been a labor of love and I made it my goal to post at least once a week. At the start of 2015 I decided that I would […]

Refocusing my blog’s content

For my first post as a 34-year-old, I wanted to announce that I am refocusing my blog’s content. It’s a pivot of sorts as I have been pining over what I should focus my content on. I have noticed over the last few years of blogging that my PHP blog […]

5 things I learned by unliking all of my Facebook likes

In an effort to limit my digital footprint, one of the things I am doing is not liking every fucking thing on Facebook. In addition to not liking anything moving forward, I also went back and unliked everything that I have liked over the last 3 years or so. This […]

Life without Google

I’ve decided that this year is going to be the year that I try to limit the amount of information I put out onto the Interwebs and hone my social presences and take back my privacy as best as I can. I’m “liking” less, I’m not going to reveal my […]

Depth vs. duration of friendships

This was supposed to be one of those grossly introspective posts that was originally drafted while at that “perfect” level of inebriation (somewhere on the down slope of Ballmer Peak if I had to guess ;) Well, simply put, fuck that noise, let’s talk about friendships! This post had actually […]

Get out of your own way

It happens to the best of us, you’re faced with a seemingly simple problem and you can’t figure it out to save your life. On the surface it’s easy but you start to get wrapped up in hypothetical situations and premature optimization to the point that you’re completely incapacitated. It […]

Putting the “SH\*T” in Joshtronic

You may remember last December when I discussed my first impressions of the Nintendo Wii U system. Overall, I was pleased with the system with one small exception, the fact that “joshtronic” was deemed as inappropriate by the filters in place. I let it slide at the time and went […]

Why I still use and maintain my own PHP framework

I consider myself a PHP developer first and foremost. I don’t tout myself as a Pickles developer (my own framework) or a WordPress, Laravel, CakePHP, Django, Flask or Meteor developer even though I have working experience with all of them. At the end of the day those frameworks still require […]

Never run out of “firsts”

If you know me, then you’re probably aware of my recent desire to move away from my hometown which is quite possibly just me going through a quarter-to-mid-life crisis. Before we can get the hell out of dodge, I have to find the right career opportunity abroad. I’m fortunate that […]

No, I will not fix your computer

I abandoned all of my seemingly witty shirts a while ago, but I’m starting to think I need to pick this one up. At the very least, the mug perhaps. It’s not because I don’t want to help people, hell my tech career started in support. It’s because the problems […]

10 office pranks you should try at your own office

Before I start talking about office pranks, I want to give a shout-out to Noah Kagan for his post We Analyzed Nearly 1 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned post. The truth is, this post is just a list of some of the notable office pranks I’ve either orchestrated, witnessed […]

Tabs vs. Spaces: I'm switching sides

It’s not very often that I make a drastic change to my coding style but after using tabs for my entire life, I am making the switch to spaces. My go to defense for using tabs was that they are more flexible because they allow developers to choose their own […]

Review: Sprint WeGo

A few months back when I picked up a Nexus 5 for myself, I decided to go ahead and get our 7-year-old daughter the Sprint WeGo phone. For those that are not familiar with the device, it’s a very basic telephone that comes standard with some great parental features. These […]

Tools of the Trade - 2014

It was February 18th, 2011, a week before my 30th birthday that my answers to AppSumo’s Tools of the Trade questionnaire were posted. A metric shit ton has changed since then - new jobs, new hardware, new software. At the same time, some things never change. This post is the […]

Self-employed cabin fever

I was somewhat skeptical that it would happen to me, be after over a year of working for myself and by myself, it finally started to take it’s toll. I had an office so that I would have a place to go during the day to feel like I was […]

Quitting a job you just started

It’s happened to everyone, you just started a brand new job, probably event left a decent job for it, only to realize that the new job sucks and you absolutely hate it. It happened to me recently, I was starting to get cabin fever working for myself and decided to […]

Android Pros and Cons after 2 years with an iPhone

I recently discussed migrating to cross-platform apps in an attempt to break away from the Apple Ecosystem which was a precursor to me swapping my iPhone 4S for a Nexus 5. Now it’s time to talk about the pros and cons that I ran into by making the move. PRO: […]

Swallow your pride and stop blaming your tools

I was at my favorite neighborhood biergarten last week when I spied a flyer on the bar for the today’s Cinco de Mayo event. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the kerning was set very high in between the Ma and the Yo so it looked like Cinco de Ma […]

Co-founder Application

This is partially for LOLz and partially for serious. I’m a guy in Tampa looking for people that want to kick ass with me. I know some very talented individuals in the area but nothing’s really gotten off the ground with them. Most of that is because they have day […]

Nintendo Wii U First Impressions

tl;dr - I like the Wii U but do have some pain points. Also affiliate links, so many affiliate links. I grew up in the 1980s. I got to experience the 8-bit console wars first hand. The Wizard taught me that the Power Glove was “so bad” (and how to […]

Holiday API free and ready to fork!

Last week’s post on calculating what date Thanksgiving will fall on got me thinking, wouldn’t it be cool is there was an API that you can call to return holidays for a specific date, month or even the entire year? I did some digging and there were some premium API’s […]

What I am thankful for

Surrounded by Facebook statuses about how miserable and broke everyone seems to be and with it being the week of Thanksgiving it felt appropriate to drop a quick list of things I’m thankful for: My wife who has the tolerance of a saint for putting up with my shit day […]

One Year Quitaversary!

Last week (October 30th, 2013) marks the one year anniversary of quitting my day job at CrowdSavings and pursuing my own startup dreams / running my own company. At the time I had only 3 social networks up and running with around 30k active users (SceneKids making up 99% of […]

Were termites the least of our problems?

I’m definitely starting to think so at this point. If you’re not aware, last week our house was tented for termites and we took a mini vacation to New Orleans. What most don’t know is that this tenting was over a year in the making. Let’s back it up to […]