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LinkedIn Endorsements are Nonsense

Recently a former coworker of mine sent out an email to her LinkedIn network pleading with us to leave her a thoughtful recommendation instead of just endorsing her for skills. Unfortunately, I never worked directly with her at the job (albeit part of the same department) and never really interacted […]

Company culture is what you make of it

Been hearing from some of my friends that have recently taken new jobs about how shitty the company culture is at the company they work at. We’ve all been there, working in a development shop with the single goal to ship more units to make money. The developers sit back […]

Rediscovering WordPress

If you’ve followed this blog for long enough you know that I’ve been through quite a few platform solutions over the years. Started with a homegrown blog, moved to WordPress, back again, moved to Tumblr and finally settling on Jekyll & Github because of it’s simplicity as well as the […]

Recruiters need to learn to listen

If you’ve ever seen my LinkedIn profile you know that I don’t take my professional life all too seriously and that I also have an underlying disdain for recruiters. Have I been through a recruiting company before to get a job? Absolutely, but I’d never do it again (most likely). […]

Moving out of the cloud

It’s been nearly 4 years since I made the switch from a dedicated server to the cloud. It was August 15th, 2009 and I was tired of how much I was paying for a dedicated server, even considering that I was only covering half of the cost with my friend […]

Apple iOS 7 Beta Review

Like many people, I went ahead and upgraded my phone to the Developer Preview of Apple’s latest iOS, version 7. Days later, I’m wondering if I will be downgrading next week because of a handful of issues that I would consider to be critical defects for my own usage. It’s […]

How a kindergarten teacher impacted my life

If I were writing this at the time, it probably would have been more of a diatribe than an insightful look at how someone shaped my life. The year was 1986 and I had just finished up a short stint in Catholic school for pre-school. Kindergarten was quite a culture […]


Just realized that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the trenches with some CSS: My Projects LESS Grid Grid is a mixin for LESS, the CSS pre-processor ( for generating custom grid systems. The goal of the project is to create a grid system that reduces the […]

My departure from CrowdSavings

Figured my birthday was a good day to talk about this in a public forum. Back in October I resigned my post as CTO at in one of the most outlandish [even for me] exits I’ve been privy to. This actually all started April of 2011 when I was […]

Apple Fanboy-dom - 3 month recap

Been exclusively using Apple products for my computing needs for 3 months now and figured it was time for a recap to discuss what I’ve liked and disliked thus far. Likes I’m still loving the ease of use and especially loving the way all of the devices work together and […]

All it took was owning an iPhone for a week …

… to completely sway my opinion of the brand. The Friday before Father’s Day I broke down and bought a 27” iMac to replace my 4 year old Dell PC with absolutely no intention of running Linux on it. Since then, I coerced my employer to upgrade the dev team […]

Dumping Android for an iPhone

This should probably be accompanied by a formal press release, but I’ve dumped my Android phone for an iPhone 4S. As of late, I’ve been comparing Android to Linux in the mid-to-late 90s. It’s great if you like to fight with your system and constantly deal with adapting to it’s […]

Online Tools

I’ll admit it, I’ll fire up a web browser for some things that could easily be accomplished with php -a (or any other interactive shell that I don’t frequent). Sad part is, I typically Google it and then end up landing on the same handful of sites. In an attempt […]

Movie Review: The Human Centipede 2

I don’t typically do movie reviews, but I needed to document my disgust in The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence. First off, I am a huge fan of the first Human Centipede flick. It was a total mind fuck without being a comical gore-fest. The protagonist was disconnected and absolutely […]

“The stylesheet doesn’t seem to be loading”

You may have already noticed but my blog recently received an “unvamping” and has been stripped of nearly all CSS (there’s a small bit to set the body width since I forgot how that could be done without CSS :-O). “Why,” you ask? Pretty simple actually. My blog’s never been […]

ID Much?! Site’s gone, but the dream’s still alive

This is less of an update and more me wanting to stash this image. In my effort to focus and not waste time on “weekend sites” is expired and long gone. What’s not long gone is the concept. I still write “ID Much?” on the back on my cards, […]

Doing Less, Better

I planned to write this post 7 hours from now, but as I sit up at 3:49am on the verge of my first vacation in 2 years and on the heels of a beta launch of the new, I figure there’s no better time to type. This particular blog […]

Tux ‘n Droid: How I spent not even 2 months as a starving webcomic artist

It’s [was] like The Odd Couple, but not as funny. Incidentally, starting a webcomic seemed like a great idea at the time. I knew it was going to be hard to keep the content coming, so I cut some corners with the art (a la Dinosaur Comics) by having some […]

My Thoughts on Rails Rumble

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a big fan of Rails, largely due to the fact that I dislike the community. So this year, I decided to follow the Rails Rumble on Twitter just because I found it all fairly intriguing and wanted to see the different stages […]

Gravity Boulevard Redesign

Been a few years since the original design was put in place, and I was starting to think the site was a bit too sterile / business-y (especially since I have retired from doing freelance [again]). New site attempts to be hip and modern by using a high res photograph […]


Sucks when you put a chunk of hours into something just to realize that someone else has already done it. Case in point, I finished up Moustache.ME after realizing that someone already runs on a similar concept. Well I’m sticking to my guns on “moustache” being the proper spelling, […]

ID Much? - An Alternative to “See ID”

Wow, quite the productive Saturday, even made time for two blog posts. So a while back I swapped out “See ID” on the back of my credit card for “ID Much?”. I’ve been so amazed at the response that I decided to put up a site about it, you can […]

Stubby Bottom Icons v1

Been toying around with designing icons, specifically icons for social media websites. Got tired of trying to find a matching set of icons that included all the icons that I needed (paid or free). After redesigning the icons over at, I went ahead and created the Stubby Bottom icons […]

Project Update

Thought I’d post to let everyone know what new projects I’ve launched in the last few months. Update Much?! A simple Twitter add-on site that I built for @thatgirljen to help her manage the Twitter accounts she maintains. The concept is simple, you log in via Twitter and the site […]

First Impressions of the iPad from an Android fanatic

If you don’t already know me, let me just preface this by telling you an a staunch Linux user as well as advocate, I prefer my Android phone to my wife’s iPhone and after recently giving OSX a full-time shot for a week, I’m no closer to switching. Now that […]