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New year, new problems

Well my car didn’t start this morning. I think it’s because of the cold (I thought 30 degree weather in Florida was illegal) but we’ll see tomorrow. Now this all happened after I had a tech support issue from my wife, her laptop would boot up past the white Ubuntu […]

No Resolutions, Just Retrospect

The end of the year is here, and there’s been quite a few things that I’ve wanted to blog about but haven’t had the motivation. First and foremost, I’m pretty sure this has been one of the best years of my life. At least twicethreefourahem five+ times this year I’ve […]

Server Migration

After nearly a decade of hosting on a dedicated server, I’ve finally made the jump to a virtual private host. Partially to save money, partially for some personal reasons, but mostly because I wanted more ease in scalability. The host I ultimately settled with was Linode, mainly because of their […]

Redesign to the Max

If you haven’t noticed already, this site got a drastic face lift recently. For the first time in a while, I made sure to mock up the entire site before starting to mess with the mark up. Weapon of choice was the GIMP (as per usual) and the process was […]

So I’m addicted to checking my email

It’s true, and not only do I check it, but I like to address the messages as soon as they come in. Great customer service ends up meaning huge time sink and often times a loss of momentum for me. Interestingly enough, I spoke to my boss on the matter […]

Going full circle on Allman Style Indenting

I’ve been programming for quite a while now, and I’m very much the type of person that will change coding styles if another style or technique will benefit me more than my current way of doing things. That being said, I’ve web full circle on using Allman style indenting. The […]

RMS makes me want to be a better person

So I’ve been following the saga of Tomboy Notes (and subsequently Mono) being added to the Debian install. On the surface, it seems fairly harmless, and part of that is because I not only use Tomboy, but I enjoy it. As part of the ongoing saga, Richard M. Stallman (RMS) […]

Oops I tried KDE again... and back to GNOME

It had been a good 6+ months or so since my last attempt at using KDE and I had that bug up my ass yet again. I had originally installed KDE on my wife’s laptop on whim and was very impressed at first. So much so that I decided to […]

New Project: Function of the Day

So I’ve bought yet another domain, but actually got a site up in a timely fashion this time. The site is called Function of the Day and it’s just that, a site that presents a single programming function every day. Right now it only supports PHP, but the plan is […]

Super Awesome Setup Script, Yummy!

The script better known simply as sassy was a long time coming. Every time I upgrade Ubuntu and then have crap fall apart to the point that I end up reinstalling I end up saying “Josh, if you had a script that would easily get a fresh install of Ubuntu […]

And finally, I upgraded my hard drive (part 2)

And so the story continues. After much difficulty installing / setting up my new hard drive, I decided to make matters worse by cloning my old Windows XP partition to one of the partitions on the new drive. After a small amount of research, I came across ntfsclone part of […]

And finally, I upgraded my hard drive

Was a long time coming, seeing as I purchased the 1.5TB drive back in February. Pre-upgrade I had a 500GB drive partitioned into two partitions. The 100GB partition housed Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 upgraded to 8.10 upgraded to 9.04) and the 400GB partition was Windows XP. Wait, what? To clarify, I […]

New Feature, an RSS Feed!

Sadly, I failed to add an RSS feed to the site when it initially launched. Even sadder, the “system” I have been developing for the last year (it’s called PICKLES and is about to make it to revision 100 in Subversion!) has a nice display module for RSS feeds, so […]

Nintendo Wii Won’t Power On

This is the second time this has happened to me in the last 6 weeks, my Nintendo Wii simply will not power on. No lights, no anything. The last time it happened, I unplugged everything, unplugged the power adapter from the wall and proceeded to pop the side doors off […]

Pidgin Issues Revisited

Welp, the mysterious Pidgin I was receiving a while back popped back up. For those that don’t remember, it was “Oops, father has gone, wait for me, wait…!” and then a segfault. Well the issue magically corrected itself the last time, so I was at a loss for what to […]

Why I still use GNOME instead of KDE

When I first started using Linux a decade or so ago I had no real preference in desktop environment. I used KDE, I used GNOME, I even ran command line only depending on the distribution. Once settling on Slackware as my distro of choice, I found myself using GNOME on […]

“My Computer” hangs when accessing it

This just started happening to my work PC (Windows XP SP3) about a week or so ago. It was very annoying, mainly because I rely heavily on the CTRL+E hotkey to access “My Computer” on the fly. Well today I had enough. First stop was Google. My searching resulted in […]

Re-establishing my web presence

So it’s been a while since I’ve had a dedicated web presence for myself (roughly August 2005 was the last time). That’s not counting the short lived static content site I had up on prior to this site. Anyway, long story short is, I’m re-establishing my web presence under […]