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Disabling Command+Q for macOS Terminal

I don’t just use the command-line, I live on it. With doing some much on the CLI, I always have the Terminal app running, regardless of my host operating system. Sadly, on macOS, I do find myself accidentally hitting Command+Q from time to time, which abruptly bails me out of […]

Like query operator in Jira's JQL

Jira’s query language (JQL) is a query language similar to SQL. That being said, the syntax for doing something similar to SQL’s LIKE statement is nothing like how you’d do it in SQL. While deviating from the syntax that was used for inspiration isn’t uncommon, it’s quite peculiar that the […]

Screenshots are not documentation

Repeat after me, “screenshots are NOT documentation”. Neither are videos, looms, or animated GIFs. Links to Google Docs or random websites, better, but not best. The aforementioned media types are often confused with real, honest to glob, documentation. When you’re asked to document something, you’re being asked to describe it. […]

Fixing missing cycle area in Logic Pro

We’ve been spending a ton of time over the last year in Logic Pro. With 50+ songs put together, and the end goal of finally, formally releasing some material, we’ve gotten very familiar with Logic Pro and some of it’s quirks. One of my least favorite of these quirks, is […]

How to export all photos from Google Photos

After yet another bout of operating system soul searching, I’ve landed back on both iOS and macOS. With this transition from Android and Linux, my software needs have changed. Also the Googs has been barking about my needing to upgrade if I want to continue to store my mountain of […]

How to get a time-based one-time password secret from a QR code

More and more services are adopting a “can’t scan the QR code” option that reveals the secret token. Some even go as far as offering up the secret token along side of the QR code. Others present you with the QR code and nothing more. Fortunately, those services seem to […]

Get original URL from Bitly link

It’s been a while since I’ve actively engaged with a URL shortener, but recently I started to receive some text messages that contained Bitly links. The messages were phishing scams related to Coinbase, with a Bitly URL attached. Presumably, the link would take you to their site so you can […]

Fixing Chrome/Chromium address bar slowness

I’ve been back on Chrome (by way of Chromium) since earlier this year and recently, I started to experience some extreme slowness when attempting to type in the address bar. This slowness was enough for me to file this post in the “productivity” category, as it was enough for me […]

A guide to working by the pool

Being a Florida Man in a past life, I absolutely crave the water. Not the beach per se, I can do without the sand. I’m talking about that sea breeze, the salt in the air, and of course the angry seagulls. Being landlocked in Texas the past few years has […]

Always find the time

The last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle. Deadlines, unexpected server problems, support duty. And that’s just been at work. I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I have a ton going on. Family time, running this blog and freelance writing as well as running a few […]

Save time by not locking your computer

Okay, so this is one of those topics that I know may seem pretty fucking dumb, but I’m telling you, it’s completely legit and isn’t nearly as insecure as you are probably thinking. Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s counterintuitive to leave your computer unlocked, especially in more public settings […]

5 tips to help you find the confidence to start blogging

Spent some time catching up with my buddy Will this past week. We both started new chapters in our lives around the same time last year and he had was curious if I had any input on things he could do to help him get to where he’s going. Starting […]

Using goals to create habits

Goals are absolutely worthless if they don’t help you to establish habits or virtues. That said, I love goals and consider myself somewhat of a goal-centric individual. Goals give me something to work towards and a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I achieve something I’ve set out to do. But […]

Effective use of screen real estate

I’ve been secretly judging really hard recently as I’ve been observing how people, specifically developers, use their available screen real estate. I’m a huge proponent of using 100% of my screen and like Jeff Atwood, I don’t care about having some flashy wallpaper because I don’t intend to ever see […]

You should totally blog about that

Hate to say it, but I am a broken record. If it’s not “OH, I actually wrote a blog post about that” then it’s “that would make a great blog post, you should write about it”. When I mention my own posts, I follow up with a link and maybe […]

Leveraging the power of the right-command key in OS X

Not too long ago I was singing the praises of creating hotkeys to switch between apps, a method I consider to be far superior to using CMD+TAB and having to cycle through open apps. I mentioned taking things a step further by utilizing the right-command (and/or right-option) key to reduce […]

Fastest way to switch between apps

I am on an eternal quest to optimize the way I work with the computer. I do things like jacking my mouse/tracking speed all of the way up (thanks Noah). I am trying to use Zapier more because “you should never do something twice on a computer” (thanks Nat). I […]

The true cost of meetings

Meetings suck. It’s a pretty universal sentiment across many companies and industries. “Meetings are toxic” is the war cry of the “Getting Real” generation. It’s not just the time it takes to attend the meeting. It’s the prep time. The time it takes you to get to the meeting. The […]

Evernote? More like Evernope!

After a year and a half romp with Evernote, I am kicking it to the curb. You may remember last year when I broke away from the Apple ecosystem and moved from an iPhone to an Android device. That’s when I added Evernote to the mix as it was one […]

I deleted all of my email and it was GLORIOUS!

As glorious as it has been, it started out as an absolute struggle. Ya gotta get through the ghetto before you get to the meadow, amirite? So what led me down the path of total email annihilation? There were a few contributing factors. Before I talk about that, let’s talk […]

Find time to be creative every single day

In my youth I was creative. I would draw for hours. I would decorate the walls with my paintings. I would write songs, sing poorly and even made noise. I thrived on creation, yet something happened along the way. My creative pursuits narrowed until the bulk of my creativity was […]

Start your day with morning pages

In an attempt to improve my writing capabilities, I have been trying to read and write more regularly. Since I don’t always have something to blog about and because I don’t want to stress myself out by trying to blog every day, I have been seeking alternative ways to stimulate […]

The power of a morning routine

After some recent research I realized that people I consider successful are generally quite scheduled. Not necessarily through their entire day, but at the very least they have a morning routine that occupies the first 90 minutes of their day. I’m going through a bit of a personal growth spurt […]

Staying motivated with streaks

I’m having one of those weeks where I zero motivation to sit down and write a blog post. Spent part of the week in Austin with the work fam. Haven’t even unpacked yet. Still getting back into the swing of being at home. In the middle of a major redesign […]

Start your day with a list

I’ve been seeing these “how productive people start their day” posts on my social feeds a lot more recently. It got me thinking, “hey, I consider myself successful, how do I start my day?” A while back I started to make mental notes about how I started my day, or […]