Fixing missing cycle area in Logic Pro

We’ve been spending a ton of time over the last year in Logic Pro. With 50+
songs put together, and the end goal of finally, formally releasing some
material, we’ve gotten very familiar with Logic Pro and some of it’s quirks.

One of my least favorite of these quirks, is when the cycle mode indicator
decides to go missing.

The yellow loop button is engaged, and the yellow bar across the top of the
timelines isn’t there. No amount of clicking and dragging along the timeline
seems to resurrect it.

Best as I can tell, this happens when you’ve set the cycle area to start and
stop at the same position, causing some sort of glitch in the Matrix.

Fortunately, there’s a hotkey for that, and you don’t even need to have advanced
mode, formally referenced as “Enable Complete Features”, enabled to do it!

First, you’ll want to select a recording, sample, MIDI sequence, something that
exists in your track along the timeline. If you don’t have anything, just add in
a drummer and click on the drum sequence.

Logic Pro seems to refers to those things as “events” as per the error message
you receive when you don’t have anything selected and you press the following

With that selected, simply press Command+U and the yellow cycle area should
show up to match the length of whatever you have selected!

For those that are curious, the Command+U hotkey lives under the Navigate
menu, and is described as “Set Locators by Selection and Enable Cycle”, which
does as advertised.

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