If you are looking for an experienced full stack engineer to take your project to the next level…


I’m Josh, a full stack engineer with over 15 years of real world experience in taking ideas, bringing them to market as fast as possible and then scaling them to the moon.

A bit about my skills:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Experience with a wide array of languages, frameworks and back end systems.
  • Performance focused because scaling your success should not be an after thought.
  • Able to jump in on existing systems and ramp up at the speed of light.
  • Laughs in the face of new challenges.
  • Also laughs at a good animated GIF or meme ;)

You’ll be working with an exceptionally experienced developer who’s led teams for $10MM+ startups, and helped scale systems to millions of users. Plus, you’ll have the piece of mind that things will be done right the first time, instead of having to fix shoddy work from a discount developer.

Some of my professional experience includes:


Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Joined the team as engineer #4 (single digit overall) and built the Google Analytics, Discover and Message Center apps while contributing to improvements, maintenance and scaling of our existing suite of marketing apps.

CrowdSavings (acquired in 2013 for $6.4MM, now defunct)

Chief Technical Officer, Lead Engineer and Employee #1

Built a daily deal platform that was doing over $2MM in monthly revenue. Oversaw the migration of 15 deal platforms we had acquired into our system.

I also have designed, developed and actively maintain three revenue generating ventures of my own: CrowdSync, Holiday API, and Ginpop.

So what kind of services do I offer?

  • Ground up design and development to bring your ideas to market ASAP.
  • Squashing bugs and implementing new functionality on your existing site(s).
  • Coming in clutch to finish up a project started by somebody that’s went AWOL.
  • Optimizing legacy code so that you can scale with your success and sleep easy.
  • Building rapid interactive prototypes to hand off to your existing dev team.
  • Server migrations, one-off scripts, DevOps utilities and more!

In addition to being an engineer, I am also an avid blogger having written over 500 posts for this site and have been featured on Linode Cube.

My full professional resumé is available on LinkedIn and you can get a taste of my code and open source shenanigans on GitHub.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch so that we can discuss your project!