How to sync local files to Spotify mobile

One of the main reasons that I gave Apple Music a try recently was
because I wanted to have some of my personal music collection available on my
mobile devices.

Turns out there is a way to coax similar functionality out of Spotify! It’s not
nearly as elegant but it’s just enough to satisfy my needs.

First thing, you will need to be sure that your desktop computer that has your
local files and your mobile device you want to sync are on the same wireless

With both devices on the same network, from your computer, create a new playlist
and add some (or all) of your local files to it. Now switch to your mobile
device and launch Spotify. You should see the playlist you created. If you don’t
see it, give it a moment to sync.

If you click on the playlist, you should see a listing of the tracks on the
playlist and they will all be greyed out and unavailable to be played. Toggle
the playlist to be available offline, and the tracks will begin to sync.

Upon completion, the local files from your computer will now be local files on
your mobile device!

I’m optimistic that Spotify will start offering cloud storage the way that
Apple, Google and Amazon are with their music services. It’s a huge missing
piece for those of us that have music that may never be available in their
library, like all of my band’s old demo recordings.

This method will work on both iOS and Android. Enjoy!

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