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Stubby Bottom Icons v1

1 min read
graphic design

Been toying around with designing icons, specifically icons for social media websites. Got tired of trying to find a matching set of icons that included all the icons that I needed (paid or free). After redesigning the icons over at, I went ahead and created the Stubby Bottom icons […]

Project Update

1 min read
open-source software
project update
graphic design

Thought I’d post to let everyone know what new projects I’ve launched in the last few months. Update Much?! A simple Twitter add-on site that I built for @thatgirljen to help her manage the Twitter accounts she maintains. The concept is simple, you log in via Twitter and the site […]

Using GRUB to boot a Linux ISO

3 min read

Since my latest Ubuntu upgrade totally hosed my machine, I decided to do a clean install instead of resolving the issues. Since my CD/DVD drive still absolutely hates me and my latest choice of CD media, I’ve had to search for options to be able to boot a Linux Live […]

“Oh, how awkward.”

1 min read
developer etiquette

So I recently met an individual who took over a project of mine at my last job. Now let me preface this all by saying that this project that he took over was not my magnum opus or anything, just a fairly simple process for loading a gigantic spreadsheet into […]

Are Flash developers the new COBOL developers?

1 min read

The game’s changing with HTML5 and I’m starting to hear the same type of comments from the mouthes of Flash developers that I’ve been hearing from COBOL developers for years. The gist of the comments is that what they use is never going away (which in the case of COBOL […]