PCI Compliance and the importance of a 404 page

By Josh Sherman
4 min read
pci compliance

As you may remember from a previous post, I typically rewrite my error traffic back to / instead of having a fancy 404 page. The logic behind this is that I’d rather get my users to a page that’s functional instead of presenting them with an error page, also I’ve […]

Recursive PHP Lint-inator

By Josh Sherman
1 min read

Just cleaning up a repository at work and came across a script I haven’t used in forever, a script to lint all PHP files in a directory, recursively. Expect something more stimulating soon as I found out the hard way that tumblr doesn’t seem to auto-save your posts once you’ve […]

SceneKids.com - 8 months later

By Josh Sherman
8 min read

This post was supposed to happen 3 months after launch, pushed back to 6 months after launch, wait maybe at 10,000 users, better still at 15,000 users but well, shit happens. Here we are just over 8 months since the initial go live and now at over 17,000 users. A […]

Fuck this, I’m going to Tumblr

By Josh Sherman
3 min read

After many years of maintaining my personal blog as a way to help aid in my own learning and to feel like a bad ass because of that proud feeling of building something with your hands (well fingers) I have migrated to Tumblr for the indefinite future. You may remember […]