Doing Less, Better

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

I planned to write this post 7 hours from now, but as I sit up at 3:49am on the verge of my first vacation in 2 years and on the heels of a beta launch of the new, I figure there’s no better time to type. This particular blog […]

Version Control: It doesn’t matter what system you use

By Josh Sherman
1 min read
version control system

CVS vs SVN, SVN vs Git, Git vs Mercurial… who fucking cares. I’ve been through my share of version control systems (CVS, Visual Source Safe, SVN, Serena PVCS and Dimensions and as of late, git) and the one thing that stands out to me is that it doesn’t matter which […]

Restoring a Linode Backup

By Josh Sherman
3 min read

Still kicking myself over this one, last night I accidentally dropped a database instead of just the table I wanted to get rid of. Now at one point, I had nightly database backups on my server, but when I added the Linode backup plan for $4.95 a month, I stopped […]

Switching to Linux, you’re doing it wrong (redux)

By Josh Sherman
6 min read

So after the public outcry that I’m a total asshole that just immediately starts yelling “RTFM you fucking n00b” based on my previous post, I decided to revisit each of my points and try to provide some helpful insight. Before revisiting the points I’d like to state that the only […]