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Side projects are not a threat

3 min read

Say it with me, side projects are not a threat. If anything, they should be viewed as a form of continuing education. Before you say anything, I’m fully aware that there are assholes out there that choose to run their side business(es) while they are on the clock. They tend […]

Founder Falloff

3 min read

There’s too many posts out there talking about how to find a good co-founder. And perhaps if I had read them all, I wouldn’t be writing a post like this. Today I want to talk about something that I’ve been referring to as “Founder Falloff”. The situation seems to arise […]

Confessions of a distro hopper

4 min read

Hi, I’m Josh, a born again Linux user that somehow became a distro hopper. Sadly, I’m not entirely sure when I had lost control. If you look at my track record prior to switching back from OS X last year, I had only really used two distros (Slackware and Ubuntu) […]

You gotta get away for a while

2 min read
self improvement

I’m fortunate to work for a company (Sumo) that takes bi-annual retreats. Going into the job, I had no fucking clue how important getting away from the wife and kid would be for me. These trips have continually been a time of personal growth and if nothing else, give me […]

Finding old pending comments in Disqus

2 min read

I try to reply to each and every comment on my blog. It’s just common courtesy to my readers and I love to extend the dialog beyond the content of the post itself. Sadly though, I tend to only be diligent about replying for a week or so before starting […]