Complete CI/CD pipeline with GitLab Runners

By Josh Sherman
11 min read

Automation is one of the best ways to improve productivity. Even as a development team of one, spending a bit of time on DevOps and improving your developer quality of life can pay off immensely. Automated tasks strip away cognitive load. No more forgetting to deploy code because the process […]

Converting integers to Roman numerals with TypeScript

By Josh Sherman
5 min read

My buddy Robert has been seeking new opportunities in the software development realm, and recently ran into a coding challenge that I haven’t thought about in a good long time: converting an integer to Roman numeral. Now, I actually hate these kinds of brain teasers in the context of interviewing […]

Coming home to Chrome/Chromium

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

Ever fearful of a return to the Internet Explorer / Micro$oft controlled landscape of the original browser wars, I’ve always tried to keep my options open and rely on more contrarian browser options. Sometimes those browsers were based on Chromium, like Brave. Other times, they used a different rendering engine, […]

VPS Showdown - February 2020 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

By Josh Sherman
13 min read

Expanding upon last month, this month’s VPS Showdown features another, more expensive plan, at the ~$40 mark (Vultr being the outlier as their High Frequency plans are 20% more expensive, but seemingly worth it from the sheer metrics perspective). Notable changes since last month, Vultr introduced managed load balancers for […]

How to fix ugly Chrome window borders on Linux

By Josh Sherman
1 min read

So I’m back to dabbling with Google Chrome as my main browser, backpedaling somewhat on last year’s [yet another] switch to Firefox. Technically I’m running Chromium, the less Googley version of Chrome on Linux, and Google Chrome stable on Android and Chrome OS. This isn’t a post delving into why […]