Yoga pants and your camel toe

By Jenny Sherman
3 min read

Yoga Pants and Your Camel Toe… it’s just not SFW! Hello, it’s thatgirljen, aka the wife, just taking over once again. Love is in the air. Happy [belated] Valentine’s Day. Now, I might have been the master-mind behind the boob post, so for those who are not personally acquainted […]

What to expect when you reset your Authy account

By Josh Sherman
3 min read

I’ve been an Authy user for a while. I switched to it after I had lost some accounts in my Google Authenticator app when I had switched phones. This was never an issue with Authy, and on the off chance I didn’t have access to an authorized device, I was […]

The Best Hot Lunch on a Budget

By Josh Sherman
3 min read
personal finance

Lunch used to be a problem. It’s yet another decision that has to be made every day and it’s a strain on the wallet if you eat out every day. Eating out on the cheap usually means you’re eating garbage to boot. A few years ago when I quit my […]

$5 VPS Showdown - February 2019 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. Vultr

By Josh Sherman
6 min read

It’s about that time again! Even though the last week has been pretty hectic with travel, I’m still trying hard to make sure these VPS comparisons are showing up on the first Monday of the month (which lines up with my usual blogging schedule). Seems the 5 buck pricing tier […]

Why would they do it that way?

By Josh Sherman
3 min read
developer etiquette

I’ve been a professional software engineer for just shy of half of my life. Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to work with a ton of different people and personalities. A common theme with most developers is that they really like to do things their way. This tends to […]