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Lawn mower won't start after winter storage

3 min read

Last year was the first time in a while that I mowed a lawn. The decision to mow the lawn myself was because I couldn’t stand the idea of shelling out at least 160$ per month for something that I could knock out in around an hour on a Saturday […]

Getting suspend in Linux working on a MacBook Pro

2 min read

A lot of my distro hopping as of late has been due to my inability to get my daily driver, a MacBook Pro 12,1 (2015) to suspend correctly. Each distro resulted in the same. Close the lid, the Apple logo goes dark and within a few seconds, it lights back […]

A week with openSUSE Tumbleweed

7 min read

Since coming back home to Linux, I have been in search of a new distro. No, not a new distro, I want the perfect distro. Or just something better. Better would be just great. My go-to distro, Ubuntu, for the most part, has been decent to me. Sadly, it’s always […]

I beat PHP and so can you!

3 min read

By request from Bill Martin, an abridged history of my relationship with the bastard child of programming languages, PHP. Ahh PHP. I love it. I hate it. For well over a decade, I slung PHP day and night. I got into PHP at the tail end of version 3. Prior […]

Two weeks with Firefox and DuckDuckGo

4 min read

In a post-Snowden world, it’s hard to not be concerned with privacy and security. I wax and wane with my own interest (and paranoia) and recently decided to give Firefox and DuckDuckGo a shot for the month of February. Unfortunately, a full month ended up being a bit too ambitious […]