Switching to Vim from Neovim

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

I’ve been a Vim user for the better part of the last 20 years. I’m also not blind to the fact that there are other editors out there. I’m usually the first person to download a copy of some new editor and/or IDE and give it a whirl, always running […]

Trigger a GitHub Pages rebuild with AWS Lambda and CloudWatch

By Josh Sherman
7 min read

GitHub Pages is pretty damn great. I’ve been using it for years now but one thing has always bugged me. If you want to schedule your posts in advance, they just never show up. Why? Because for posts to show up you have to trigger a rebuild of the project […]

Setting defaults for all your SuperAgent requests

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

SuperAgent is an HTTP request library for both Node.js and client-side JavaScript. It’s our current choice here at CrowdSync for making requests because it’s lightweight and easy to use. Unfortunately, out of the box, it doesn’t support setting defaults on all of your requests. The simplest approach would be to […]

How to downgrade to the LTS Kernel on Arch Linux

By Josh Sherman
3 min read
arch linux

I’ve been all over the place recently in regard to my love and/or hate of Arch Linux. I absolutely love the minimalism of the base install and the availability of packages. What I’m hating is that I’ve been running into some really weird system lock ups that seem to be […]

Stop trying to sell me

By Josh Sherman
4 min read

I’m all about capitalism but I’m sick and fucking tired of constantly being met with the resistance from a sales person. Case in point, we moved this month and needed to transfer our Internet service. Pretty simple situation, nothing needed to change on our plan, just the address that the […]