Stop over configuring Vim

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

Over the year, I’ve waxed and waned with the size of my .vimrc. In the early days, it was trim but so was my knowledge of Vim. Once I learned how to disable my arrow keys, I started to configure more and more. It wasn’t until I fully understood the […]

The death of the headphone jack

By Josh Sherman
1 min read

Apple had #courage and Google is proving they can imitate just as well as they can innovate. The headphone jack is effectively dead on cell phones as I suspect other manufacturers will start to implement this “me too” design philosophy. For me personally, I’m heavily invested in a set of […]

React Draft Wysiwyg with MongoDB

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

We love open source software here at CrowdSync. Sometimes though, we run into issues with the software we’ve deemed as the “right” package for us. A recent incident has been with React Draft Wysiwyg which we decided to use as part of our action to compose and send emails to […]

Corporate vs. Community in Open Source Software

By Josh Sherman
2 min read
arch linux

Earlier this year I went all in on Arch Linux. I had long desired a rolling release system that would provide me with the latest and greatest software that the free and open source software community had to offer. And it’s been about 3 weeks since GNOME 3.26 was released […]

The easiest way to engage your readers

By Josh Sherman
1 min read

I blog. I have some readers. I try to be engaging. I may not always succeed in being engaging but I do try. Thing is, it’s pretty freaking easy to engage with your readers. Assuming you have comments turned on at least. If you have comments turned on, perfect, all […]