Don't stay in your own lane

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

Don’t give me that disconcerting look. I’m not talking about while you’re driving. I’m talking about roles at a startup! In a small organization that is strapped for time and resources the last thing you want to be is as Alton Brown would say, a unitasker. Staying in your own […]

reCAPTCHA is broken

By Josh Sherman
4 min read

In the words of the Security Level setting for CloudFlare’s Firewall: I’m Under Attack! As it turns out, I’m not a stranger to having bots on my social network, I’ve even documented my previous experience with a DDoS attack and how to mitigate a WordPress Pingback attack! This particular […]

How to spend a working weekend in Austin, Texas

By Josh Sherman
4 min read

Austin, Texas is an exceptional city. There’s great food, live music everywhere. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. This past weekend wasn’t one for enjoying the sights though. We had gathered in the Lone Star State to have the opportunity to be in the same room and getting some work done. All […]

How do I sign up?

By Josh Sherman
1 min read
web development
user experience

One of the most frequent requests I receive on Holiday API is “How do I sign up for an account?” and “How do I get an API key?” It throws me off because there is a giant “get started for free” banner near the top of the page. It stands […]

The boob post

By Josh Sherman
1 min read

My wife, the esteemed blogger that she is, gave me a bit of advice recently: If you showed more titties on your blog, you would have more followers. It’s sound, and quite easily the best advice I’ve ever received concerning my blog! Hovering around a mere zero percent, the amount […]