Installing `pacman` breaks dependency replaced by `yay`

By Josh Sherman
2 min read
arch linux

Even though I’ve been using Arch Linux for a few years now, from time to time, I do run into small issues that are unique to Arch. One such issue happened when I was trying to upgrade my system, only to be blocked immediately with some sort of dependency mis-match […]

Another two weeks with Firefox

By Josh Sherman
3 min read

A few years back, I went all in on Firefox and Duck Duck Go for a few weeks, only to wind back up on Chromium. Duck Duck Go has been my default search engine since then, but Firefox ended up being somewhat underwhelming for me, and I ran into a […]

How to bypass the SSH host key check

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

If you’ve ever connected to a new server via SSH, you were probably greeted with a message about how the authenticity of the host couldn’t be established. The message and prompt looks something like this: The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established. ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:nKYgfKJByTtMbnEAzAhuiQotMhL+t47Zm7bOwxN9j3g. Are […]

My 2020 Goals

By Josh Sherman
3 min read

For the last 3 years, around the week of Thanksgiving, I have put pen to paper to list out a series of goals for myself. Some health and some wealth. Not always business related, so there’s family goals and personal growth and creativity stuff in the mix as well. That […]