Drizly shares your address via Twitter

By Josh Sherman
4 min read

TL;DR - Don’t use Drizly’s share your order link, unless you want everybody knowing where you’re getting your sauce delivered to. First off, I want to say that I am very happy to be part of the Drizly beta launch in Tampa, FL and a little bit proud of Tampa […]

First impressions of the new Apple TV

By Josh Sherman
5 min read

I’ve been a fan of the Apple TV for quite a while now. I was a bit late to the game as I only picked up a third generation unit in 2013. The unit that I am replacing today has consistently beat out the “smart” functionality of my Samsung television. […]

Forcing yourself to use shell aliases

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

Fact: Shell aliases save you time. Fact: Saving time increases your productivity. Fact: Everybody wants to be more productive. Fact: Retraining muscle memory can be a pain in the ass. I have been fighting that last fact for a while now. I have the single character alias v pointed to […]

Consolidating PHPAve.com

By Josh Sherman
1 min read
project update

Just wanted to give everybody the head’s up that I am consolidating PHPAve.com into this blog. I still plan to blog about PHP from time to time but I no longer see the need in maintaining it as a separate site. For those that are interested in the migration details, […]

Shark Tank killed the magic

By Josh Sherman
1 min read

Shark Tank, you fucked up, you fucked up bad. I was watching the latest episode of Shark Tank (Season 7, Episode 5) with my daughter when I had to abruptly stop the show and make up an excuse as to why we were no longer watching the show. The segment […]