Determining if you are passionate about something

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

If you’re like me, you get excited about your ideas. You go from “TO THE MOON!” to “meh, that was so yesterday” in less time than it takes Napalm Death to play a song. That doesn’t mean we have bad ideas; actually, it probably does. It also may mean what […]

How to make the World's Best Chili Dogs

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

I’m actually unsure that you can handle the recipe I am about to bestow upon you. You’ll probably try to put your spin on it and end up making the world’s worst chili dogs. You may make them exactly as described and think they suck. You will have been mistaken. […]

How to organize your Kindle library

By Josh Sherman
2 min read

I have set out to become a voracious reader. I read as soon as I wake up. I read before I write. I read throughout the day. I mostly read on my phone with the Kindle App. This allows me to accomplish a few things. First, I have less stuff, […]

Find time to be creative every single day

By Josh Sherman
1 min read
time management

In my youth I was creative. I would draw for hours. I would decorate the walls with my paintings. I would write songs, sing poorly and even made noise. I thrived on creation, yet something happened along the way. My creative pursuits narrowed until the bulk of my creativity was […]

Empower your child with an allowance

By Josh Sherman
6 min read
personal finance

If you’re like one of my many conservative friends you are probably saying to yourself right now that “allowances do nothing more than teach a kid about receiving handouts”. You may even be one of those awesome human beings that intends to use your child’s allowance as a way to […]