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Ditched WordPress

1 min read

To at least one person’s dismay, I have abandoned WordPress for not only my blog, but for any future endeavours. WordPress seems great if you can’t build a blog on your own and would rather interact with a series of plug-ins than get your hands dirty with some code. I’m […]

My Thoughts on Rails Rumble

1 min read

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a big fan of Rails, largely due to the fact that I dislike the community. So this year, I decided to follow the Rails Rumble on Twitter just because I found it all fairly intriguing and wanted to see the different stages […]

Setting up a secure MySQL server on Rackspace Cloud Servers

3 min read

Recently I’ve been building out dedicated MySQL servers to combat some of the shortcomings we have encountered with hosting MySQL on Rackspace Cloud Sites (commentary on this will be saved for another post). During my research on what I could do to set up the server as securely as possible […]

Why I recently switched to WordPress

1 min read

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of using canned web applications. I find them to be insecure (talking to you OSCommerce) often times a pain to upgrade and more often than that a nightmare to customize. Keep in mind that I do feel WordPress is […]

Gravity Boulevard Redesign

1 min read
project update

Been a few years since the original design was put in place, and I was starting to think the site was a bit too sterile / business-y (especially since I have retired from doing freelance [again]). New site attempts to be hip and modern by using a high res photograph […]