How I schedule my time

6 min read
time management
project management

Being my own boss has some definitely advantages, like being able to take a beach day on a whim or go to watch one of my daughter’s dance classes. The unfortunate side of that is that you still have to manage your time if you want to get shit done. […]

Advice on Freelancing

4 min read

A friend of mine recently asked me for some advice in regard to a freelancing project he was in the quoting phase of. I figured, what a great topic for a blog post! Keep in mind though, I haven’t freelanced in years, mainly because I am not a fan of […]

Don’t be surprised by success

6 min read

A trio of guys recently started to get into a space that I already have sites in. Their browser extension is called Babblr and it falls into the same realm as TumbleChat which is my chat site that uses Tumblr for the login (we also run one for Twitter called […]

Linode NextGen vs. DigitalOcean

7 min read

A lot has happened since February when I originally blogged about Linode and DigitalOcean. First and foremost, Linode has finished rolling out their “NextGen” platform in all of it’s glory. Linode also experienced a break in to their manager that allegedly resulted in credit cards getting stolen. I say allegedly […]

Quitting Caffeine

5 min read

Caffeine, the performance enhancing drug of choice of programmers, gamers and just about everyone else in America and abroad. I used to worship the molecule just like the next coder, and why not? Code longer, focus better and hell, it’s cheaper than most party favors! Hi, I’m Josh and up […]