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“My Computer” hangs when accessing it

1 min read

This just started happening to my work PC (Windows XP SP3) about a week or so ago. It was very annoying, mainly because I rely heavily on the CTRL+E hotkey to access “My Computer” on the fly. Well today I had enough. First stop was Google. My searching resulted in […]

Recursive grep (grepr) for Solaris

1 min read

So if you’re a Linux user that’s ever used Solaris, you know that a lot of the commands don’t translate exactly the same. One such issue is the lack of a recursive flag (-R) on the grep command. Not a problem though, bash is a powerful thing. Here’s my solution […]

Firefox 3.0.1 on Mac OS X weirdness

1 min read
os x

So I ran into an interesting problem today. A site I built (validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS level 2.1 and runs in Standards-mode instead of Quirks-mode in Internet Explorer 6.0) renders great in Firefox 3.0.3 (tested on both on Linux and Windows), Internet Explorer 6.x (tested in Wine […]

Issue with SQLyog Job Agent on Ubuntu

1 min read

No error message, it just says that the sync had started. What sucks about this issue, is that I ran into it with a previous version of SQLyog Job Agent (sja) but was able to troubleshoot it faster because the program would dump an error message. I have been messing […]

Re-establishing my web presence

1 min read

So it’s been a while since I’ve had a dedicated web presence for myself (roughly August 2005 was the last time). That’s not counting the short lived static content site I had up on prior to this site. Anyway, long story short is, I’m re-establishing my web presence under […]