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Super massive content update

2 min read

Gutted just about every page on the site. There’s more of a focus on trim information without a lot of BS. No more links to friend’s sites and software and shit that didn’t really matter. Rewrote / updated the text on some pages to update their accuracy and revamp based […]

Intel Graphics Regressions in Jaunty, say wha?

2 min read

A piece of me died after I upgraded from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. Apparently, and serves me right for not reading up on it before the upgrade, the Intel Graphics drivers are completely crippled by a bug in the code. Wow, and this made it to the final release? I’m […]

Yoville Needs To Die

2 min read

– layout: default title: I wish YoVille! would just die tags: [linux, firefox] — So my wife loves this ridiculous online / Facebook game called YoVille!. It’s basically a silly point system tacked onto a chat room. Even worse, it’s formal equivalent would be Animal Crossing, which I shelled out […]

New Feature, an RSS Feed!

1 min read
project update

Sadly, I failed to add an RSS feed to the site when it initially launched. Even sadder, the “system” I have been developing for the last year (it’s called PICKLES and is about to make it to revision 100 in Subversion!) has a nice display module for RSS feeds, so […]

Nintendo Wii Won’t Power On

1 min read
wii / wii u
video games

This is the second time this has happened to me in the last 6 weeks, my Nintendo Wii simply will not power on. No lights, no anything. The last time it happened, I unplugged everything, unplugged the power adapter from the wall and proceeded to pop the side doors off […]