Josh Sherman

Full Stack Engineer, Technical Blogger, Maker of Sauerkraut
[email protected] 813.421.2378


Senior Software Engineer > Staff Engineer > Backend Engineering Manager > Engineering Manager > Head of Engineering

Joined the team as engineer #3 with a primary focus on backend engineering. I built the Mailshake Zapier Integration and Phone Dialer and have contributed to numerous performance improvements across our codebase. With stepping into the Staff Engineer role, I inherited the entirety of our AWS infrastructure and have been able to make consistent improvements to our DevOps workflows, system performance and costs. Currently managing seven engineers while still regularly stepping into an individual contributor role. (acquired by DigitalOcean)

Technical Content Writer

Wrote over 75 articles on technical topics like Node.js, TypeScript, React and the command-line.



The easiest way to automate paperwork and communication with people (like dealing with repetitive recruiting tasks). Started as a side project helping my best friend to build a management hub for his user experience & research consultancy. Applied to Y Combinator, got an in-person interview but didn't get in :*( Decided to roll the dice. (formerly

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Joined the team as engineer #4 (single digit overall) and built the Google Analytics, Discover and Message Center apps while contributing to improvements, maintenance and scaling of our existing suite of marketing apps.

World Independent Hotels Promotion

Senior PHP Developer

API integration engineer supporting a myriad of hotel booking engines. Systems integrated with ranged from small boutique systems handling a small number of properties up to larger corporate systems supporting hundreds of properties. Integration development went both ways, both consumption of APIs as well as development of internal APIs that were pushed to. Heavy focus on basic LAMP technologies as well as introducing the firm to Node.js and Meteor. (formerly

Founder & Sole Proprietor

Built and grew a network of social networking websites to over 120 thousand active users and over 10 million monthly page views. Technologies include PHP (on top of my PICKLES framework), JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, Redis, Memcached and Nginx. The platform itself was designed to service multiple domains from a single codebase with a heavy focus on scalability. (acquired for $6.4MM)

Chief Technology Officer

Built and maintained one of the largest daily deal sites in the United States. Prior to being acquired ourselves, we acquired and migrated 15 sites into our own system. These migrations gave me the experience of reverse engineering systems in languages that I was not necessarily proficient in very short periods of time. In addition to powering, the platform I developed ran,,, and

HealthPlan Services

Senior Web Applications Developer

Developed systems for our internal customer service representatives and built the batch processing that transitioned Cigna’s customer base to our system. Technologies included PHP 4.x and migrating to 5.x, eZ Publish, MySQL and DB2.

Online Sales Strategies

Web Systems Architect

Original developer on the consignment platform known as AuctionSound which was also used by our own brand of eBay drop-off stores. Also transitioned the platform from PHP 4.x to 5.x and managed two additional developers.


Flash Developer / Web Applications Developer

Started out as a Flash developer working on courseware for AT&T eLearning. Eventually migrated into a web applications developer role supporting AT&T's Online Facilitated Learning Platform (PHP).