Issue with SQLyog Job Agent on Ubuntu

No error message, it just says that the sync had started. What sucks about this
issue, is that I ran into it with a previous version of SQLyog Job Agent (sja)
but was able to troubleshoot it faster because the program would dump an error
message. I have been messing with the issue very sporadically over the last few
weeks and had not come to a conclusion. Some luck Googling this afternoon let me
to the same answer I had before, sja is looking for the MySQL socket in a
different place than where Ubuntu thinks it belongs. Long story short, sja is
now working again, and’s database can be in sync more often. An
honorable mention should go to Maatkit: a toolkit of utilities and tools for
as I tried to indirectly fix my sja issue by
migrating to using Maatkit. Unfortunately, I found the comparisons to take an
awful long time, and didn’t feel it would suit my needs compared to sja. Good
thing I got it working I suppose. It’s a pretty quick fix, one command:

sudo ln -s /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

For reference, I am working with Ubuntu 8.04 and SQLyog 7.02

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