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Managed WordPress Showdown - July 2019 - Flywheel vs. Kinsta vs. WP Engine

So when I published last month’s post, later that same day it was announced that Flywheel was being acquired by WP Engine. There’s no timeline on if/when Flywheel would be fully consumed by the WP Engine brand, so they will continue to be featured on this list. If nothing else, […]

Managed WordPress Showdown - June 2019 - Flywheel vs. Kinsta vs. WP Engine

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since I started venturing down the path of reviewing managed WordPress hosting. Since this still a new post series, things are a bit all over the place, and I’m still working out some kinks. Fortunately, this month is going to have a few […]

Managed WordPress Showdown - May 2019 - Flywheel vs. Kinsta vs. WP Engine

Due to my ongoing efforts on my VPS Showdown series, I’m regularly being asked if I have any recommendations on hosting for WordPress. As it turns out, I don’t. Sure, you could leverage my existing reviews to pick a host to slap WordPress on, but what if you want to […]

Left align multiple line list items

I don’t claim to know all the things, and this post is definitely something that I’m pretty sure nearly everybody on the planet knew about but me. The problem I was attempting to solve recently is that I had a list and the left alignment of the multiple lined list […]

How to stop Wordpress pingback DDoS attacks

Yesterday I had the privilege of dealing with a Wordpress pingback DDoS attack on one of my sites. My hosting company, whom I pay for access to a DDoS protection appliance, didn’t even notice anything. They deployed the appliance at my request and the spike in inbound bandwidth subsided. Unfortunately, […]

Why I still use and maintain my own PHP framework

I consider myself a PHP developer first and foremost. I don’t tout myself as a Pickles developer (my own framework) or a WordPress, Laravel, CakePHP, Django, Flask or Meteor developer even though I have working experience with all of them. At the end of the day those frameworks still require […]

PHP without fancy braces

PHP is a C-style language and thus uses fancy braces to wrap or hug control structures. PHP is also a language that is extremely flexible so you can also get by without using fancy braces. You will never get away from them entirely as functions and classes / class methods […]

Migrating from WP Engine to GitHub Pages

After giving it nearly a full calendar year, I have decided to migrate my PHP blog (PHP Avenue) off of WordPress via WP Engine and on to GitHub Pages. The decision ultimately boiled down to WordPress having way more available functionality than I was actually using and me not seeing […]

WP Engine Review

Now that I’m back on the WordPress bandwagon and have been using WPEngine for a bit of time now, it’s time to talk about it. As previously discussed, I opted to use a hosted WordPress solution because of my utter disdain for administering WordPress. When researching WordPress hosts, I got […]

Rediscovering WordPress

If you’ve followed this blog for long enough you know that I’ve been through quite a few platform solutions over the years. Started with a homegrown blog, moved to WordPress, back again, moved to Tumblr and finally settling on Jekyll & Github because of it’s simplicity as well as the […]

How to Install Wordpress on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t necessarily want to start a site from scratch, especially a blog. There’s so many blogging platforms out there, why reinvent the wheel? Arguably the most well known, Wordpress, is very easy to install on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. First things first, you will need to […]

Fuck this, I’m going to Tumblr

After many years of maintaining my personal blog as a way to help aid in my own learning and to feel like a bad ass because of that proud feeling of building something with your hands (well fingers) I have migrated to Tumblr for the indefinite future. You may remember […]

Ditched WordPress

To at least one person’s dismay, I have abandoned WordPress for not only my blog, but for any future endeavours. WordPress seems great if you can’t build a blog on your own and would rather interact with a series of plug-ins than get your hands dirty with some code. I’m […]

Why I recently switched to WordPress

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of using canned web applications. I find them to be insecure (talking to you OSCommerce) often times a pain to upgrade and more often than that a nightmare to customize. Keep in mind that I do feel WordPress is […]