Tenth Anniversary of Weeks‑a‑pizza

For whatever reason, 10 years ago the wife and I decided to start eating
pizza every night for dinner between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We obviously
like pizza.

Five epic nights of pizza it is!

Over the last 10 years, Weeks-a-pizza has evolved from us just being lazy and
not wanting to cook for a week to a gathering of friends and family to enjoy the
pinnacle of culinary achievements, the pizza.

Little known fact is that I felt that the name of the week-long holiday would be
stylized as Weekzapizza . You know, za and za, get it?

Before getting to some reviews of Austin’s finest pizza places (our first
Weeks-a-pizza in Austin, Texas, mind you) let’s address a few of the frequently
asked questions. These questions get asked every year, usually by the staff at
whatever pizza joint we’re at when the wife mentions what we’re doing to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t you get sick of pizza?

No. Next question.

That sounds expensive.

First off, not a question. Secondly, I’ve realized that a lot of people eat out
nearly every night of the week. As a family that doesn’t eat out that often,
it’s not much of a monetary burden.

That’s a lot of carbs.

Also not a question. Maybe it is a lot of carbs, I don’t fucking know and I
don’t really care. We don’t each eat a whole pizza, so we’re most likely only
consuming acceptable quantities.

Why didn’t you go to insert your favorite pizza joint?

We go where we want to go. Emphasis on “we”. We go to places we’ve never been
before and we go to places that are convenient for our friends that want to
partake in the holiday. There tends to be more than 5 pizza places in an area so
we hit what we hit.

Maybe you could adopt your our pizza tradition and stop pestering us to eat at
your favorite places.


Thus concludes the FAQ portion of this post. If you aren’t in the Austin, Texas
area this next section may not interest you as it’s a review of where we ate
this year. I won’t be mad at cha if you bail at this point.

A note about the Overall Score. After each pizza, we go around and on a scale of
1 to 5 rate the pizza. Sure, sometimes things other than the pizza factor in,
sometimes not. It’s completely subjective at the time of the poll.

On the nights we had friends with us, they rated the pizza as well, so anywhere
from 3 to 8 people in the mix.

Night 1: Southside Flying Pizza

We ended up going to the Congress location and were pleasantly surprised that
there was ample parking out front of the place. They weren’t very busy but hey,
it was a Monday night. Staff were friendly and they were playing The Cure when
we walked in, what’s not to like?

The atmosphere was very much that of a pizza joint. Walls covered with Austin
art, tables covered with more Austin. Very Austin, right down to the beer and
wine selection which were mostly local.

Overall the location was fairly clean but I did notice that there was a tomato
hiding under a table from somebody’s salad. The wife also claims that the first
plates she grabbed were greasy. Fortunately there were more plates to be

Southside is a seat yourself, counter service type of place. We ordered a medium
meatball pizza and a Caesar salad at 6:43 PM. Salad came out quick and we really
dug their house made Caesar dressing and the croutons.

Pizza came out hot and the meatballs they used were pretty good. Seemed like a
blend of meat, perhaps lamb or pork instead of just straight ground beef.

Crust could have had more snap, but it had decent chew and wasn’t burnt. Touch
soggy in the middle though. Sauce had fresh basil and the topping to cheese
ratio was balanced.

Time for Pizza: 27 minutes
Overall Score: 4 out of 5


Night 2: Quattro Gatti Ristorante e Pizzeria

Second night the wife decided that we were going to Home Slice
. She called to see if they were open and they said they were.
Nobody mentioned that only More Home Slice was open. We wanted to sit down and
eat and upon realizing we wouldn’t be able to do that, we had to bail.

Home Slice Pizza gets a big fat zero.

Since it was pretty close, we decided to hop back in the car and head over to
Quattro Gatti. The drive down Congress was pretty great with the Christmas
lights going and the Capital all lit up. Our friends from next door beat us
there and got us a table.

This place was more of a sit down Italian restaurant than a pizza joint.
Reminded me a lot of Bavaro’s in Tampa. The location had a really
cool full liquor bar, a huge wine selection but only a small sampling of beer,
mostly imports.

Ordering was a bit haphazard as initially we had a waitress, then I guess the
manager took over our table. We ordered drinks first and they came out very
speedy. I was a bit surprised that those of us that ordered beers weren’t
offered a glass. Seemed like too nice of a place to be drinking beer from a
bottle in.

We sat for about 25 minutes before ordering food. Ended up ordering some
bruschetta and a couple of pies, the Amatrice and the Lasagna. With it being a
restaurant in downtown, the pizzas were on the pricey side considering they were
only 12” pies.

The pizzas came out hot and smelled delicious. Bit more confusion with the
table, was like it was too small for being a 5 or 6 top.

Okay chew on the crust, but it was a little bit too charred, very tasty though.
Not greasy or soggy and the sauce was on the sweeter side which wasn’t for
everybody. Speaking of sauce, the wife asked for a side of marinara to dip and
it came out ice cold.

Near the end of our meal, I assume it was the owner, came over to see how things
were going. He told us a bit about the dough they make, which is lower in gluten
and doesn’t leave you feeling as full and sluggish.

He also said that a good pizza should you wanting to eat more pizza when you are
done. If he wasn’t the owner, he was definitely a pizza Zen master.

Block out at least a couple of hours when coming here. Nobody’s going to rush
you and as long as you aren’t in a hurry, it’s easy to just chill and enjoy the
place. Also, be sure to check out the painted tiles in the men’s room. It’s of a
woman on the can. Pooping? peeing? who knows.

Time for Pizza: 25 minutes
Overall Score: 4 out of 5



Night 3: Via 313

Wednesday night was supposed to be epic because I had convinced the wife that we
should check out Hoeks Death Metal Pizza. Also ended up with some of my
Sumo Fam and some of their significant others with us too. Good crew to enjoy
some pizza with on this holiest of holidays, nothing could go wrong!

Except that Hoeks wasn’t open. They are supposed to open at 7 PM and we walked
by around 7:30 PM. ZERO OF FIVE STARS.

Fortunately, the Via 313 trailer is just down the road on 6th, and most of us in
the group already dig their pies. We split off from the group since the wife was
parked down closer to Hoeks. When we arrived, everybody had already ordered.

We ordered an Original Pepperoni and somehow it came out not only in record
time, but only a minute or two after the rest of the table. Pizza was hot and
delicious, as it always is when we get Via 313.

It was also the first time that a few of our friends had ever had Via 313. They
rated it a 4.25 out of 5. We still like them though 😉

Time for Pizza: 10 minutes
Overall Score: 4.64 out of 5

Original Pepperoni

Night 4: Cane Rosso

At this point, we were pretty dejected. Three days of Weeks-a-pizza down, and we
had already been to 5 places. The last 2 days being back to back flops on our
initial pizza pick. I had even muttered the words “I’m not sure I want to do
this next year”. Things were looking quite grim.

So we go to Cane Rosso which is more in our neck of the woods. It was after Sumo
Happy Hour and traffic was looking shitty so I opted to meet the wife and kiddo
there instead of coming home first and riding out together.

We had a reservation and when we arrived we were promptly seated and had waters
in hand within a minute. Our waiter was John. He gets an honorable mention as he
was not only the best waiter we had all week, but I’m pretty sure he’s been the
best waiter I’ve had in Austin, period.

Anyway, the place was pretty packed, but with good reason. The temperature had
dipped that day and the outside seating was pretty empty. The outdoor area had
some plastic walls up, but I don’t think they were running any heaters as it was
still pretty chilly out there.

Decor was very clean and modern but with some Austin flare by way of some
electric art on the walls. Right out of the gate, John told us about the pizza
and made some off menu recommendations.

He mentioned they had a pie with Valentina’s brisket on it,
something I have been hearing about but couldn’t remember the name of the place.
Everything was falling into place on Night 4.

First up, the kiddo wanted some fried calamari (her favorite). It was delivered
hot within 10 minutes of ordering it. Even though it wasn’t pizza, the kiddo
gave it two thumbs up. The wife and I felt it was a bit on the chewy side. The
breading and fried red and green peppers made up for it. All very well seasoned.

We ended up ordering the Prosciutto e Rucola and the Honey Bastard pie which was
off menu. Unfortunately, we did have a bit of a wait before we got our pies,
longer than any other place this week. As mentioned, it was pretty packed and
even with the delay our waiter was very attentive.

It ended up being well worth the wait. Pizzas were both cooked perfectly, great
char (not burnt) and gret chew. Incidentally, both pizzas lacked marinara and I
believe they had an olive oil base. The crust was also consistent on both pies.

The Honey Bastard not only had Valentina’s brisket but was also drizzled with
spicy honey. May have also been splashed with unicorn tears or something as
well, it was divine.

Time for Pizza: 50 minutes
Overall Score: 5 out of 5

The Honey Bastard

Prosciutto e Rucola

Night 5: Mangieri’s Pizza Café

Usually by the last night of Weeks-a-pizza we hit someplace that we already know
is a solid pick. No surprises and rarely any disappointment with this approach.
This year we went to Mangieri’s which is our go to pizza place since moving to
Austin. It’s near our house, the pizza is great and we’ve had consistently
decent experiences there.

We were promptly seated, even with it being a Friday night. I was expecting it
to be packed. Guess a lot of folks are still out of town for the holidays, who

Waiter was friendly but didn’t really seem like he wanted to be there. He did
coin the term “Pizza Hanukkah” regarding our Weeks-a-pizza tradition. He did
seem like he was judging us hard about it though. In my experience, when
somebody makes it a point to say they aren’t judging you, they probably are.

Starting off with the Capo which was a meat-a-palooza of a pizza pie. We weren’t
too sure if we were going to be able to eat two pies, so ended up with that
to start.

Then after destroying it, we ended up with their pizza of the week which had
chicken, mushrooms and Alfredo sauce. Both arrived at the table hot and fresh
and incidentally BOTH showed up in the same amount of time.

The second pizza did end up being brought out another by another server. She was
also the one that brought me a second drink, with a smile. As mentioned, our
waiter wasn’t very enthusiastic and on at least one occasion he seemed like he
was being condescending towards the wife.

He also didn’t bother asking if we wanted any dessert before dropping the check.
The place was still accepting patrons and there were open tables, so it’s not
like we needed to be rushed out the door or anything.

Fortunately, the pizza was solid, consistent with our previous experiences at
Mangieri’s. The Capo was my favorite first bite of the week. Consistent crust on
both pies, good chew and taste. The mushrooms were also fresh. It always sucks
to run into canned mushrooms when you were expecting something decent.

Of all the times we had been to Mangieri’s, I never realized that they have a
very cool bar hiding in the back. It’s a full liquor place (try the Whiskey
Drink!) with a good selection of beer and wine, but I had no idea they had a
nice bar to hang at too!

Time for Pizza: 11 minutes
Overall Score: 4.5 out of 5


Pizza of the Week

Best of the Best

I was planning on doing a bunch of different categories and picking our
favorites from all of those places. The wife even seemed keen on redoing the
ratings after the fact so we could compare the pies against each other.

I tell ya, after eating pizza for 5 nights, taking extensive notes every mean
and then writing over 2,000 words about pizza joints in Austin, I’m kinda over

That said, even with the long ass wait at Cane Rosso, the service was absolutely
amazing and the Honey Bastard was easily one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had in
my life. I’m hoping that they are able to provide a consistent experience the
next time we go.

If I end up blogging about Weeks-a-pizza next year, definitely going to break
the reviews up into separate posts.

Until next time 🙂

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