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Stop thinking, start doing

3 min read

Nothing urks me more than somebody saying they want to do something and all they are doing to accomplish it is thinking about it. Had a conversation about this with somebody recently. They want to get into selling their artwork. That’s fucking great! So I proceeded to ask if they […]

Tortilla chip croutons

3 min read

Ever get an idea in your head, then search the web furiously under the assumption that somebody had to have done it already? That was me today. I like taco salads but I simply hate the idea of an edible bowl. I mean, am I supposed to eat it or […]

Using goals to create habits

2 min read
self improvement

Goals are absolutely worthless if they don’t help you to establish habits or virtues. That said, I love goals and consider myself somewhat of a goal-centric individual. Goals give me something to work towards and a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I achieve something I’ve set out to do. But […]

Saying goodbye

2 min read

I didn’t cry this much when my mother passed away. For my momma dog though… I was a fucking wreck. Reason being? At first, I thought maybe just maybe it had something to do with my own emotional growth over the last few years. After an emotional day and taking […]

Missing in Me

4 min read

One of my goals this year is to write a book… …and I’m doing a superb job of fucking it up by not prioritizing my time around writing and accomplishing this goal of mine. With that, I figured I may as well put some of my words out there, maybe […]