How to install packages from testing on Arch Linux

By Josh Sherman
3 min read
arch linux

The reason I have stuck with Arch Linux and have looked past the issues I’ve had with it, is because of the availability of newer packages without the need of additional package mangers. That said, I started working on a new project recently, and wasn’t quite ready to move things […]

Checking disk space from the command-line

By Josh Sherman
3 min read

As you may already be aware, I also write guides for As of late, I’ve been covering a lot of command-line tools and tricks as part of a “Command-line Basics” series. I’m also a bit of a scatter brain sometimes, and last month ended up starting on this particular […]

Symlinks with Nginx and PHP-FPM

By Josh Sherman
3 min read

Recently I’ve been putting time into rebuilding the server infrastructure for Holiday API. This has included hardening the system to be more fault tolerant and building out a new cluster of web servers. The biggest improvement was [finally] introducing a continuous deployment pipeline to complement the existing continuous integration flow. […]

Managed WordPress Showdown - July 2019 - Flywheel vs. Kinsta vs. WP Engine

By Josh Sherman
6 min read
wp engine

So when I published last month’s post, later that same day it was announced that Flywheel was being acquired by WP Engine. There’s no timeline on if/when Flywheel would be fully consumed by the WP Engine brand, so they will continue to be featured on this list. If nothing else, […]