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Debian is stable

1 min read

I can hear you now… “No shit Josh! Debian’s one of the most stable Linux distros [sic] they even main their main branch ‘stable’!!~!” In my quest for bleeding edge software, specifically, the latest version of Gnome, I lost sight of that simple truth. With that, Arch crashed for the […]

My 2018 Goals

2 min read

Around this time last year, I decided that I would set out on an overly ambitious adventure to be more productive and to accomplish a bunch of shit in 2017. Things turned out pretty well, but this isn’t a recap post. I can bore you with that after the new […]

Not all cables were created equal

2 min read

We’ve all heard the horror stories. Somebody gets a new monitor and it sorta works. Everything powers on, they get a picture but they can’t seem to get the monitor to go up to the advertised max resolution. Usually these stories go down the path of swapping cords, maybe even […]

I am a freeloader

2 min read

There, I said it. I am a dirty fucking freeloader. At least according to one of my fairly long time subscribers to my mailing list. Seems that last week’s launch announcement about my project CrowdSync ruffled at least a couple of feathers. Thing is, I got a ton of positive […]

Before you send another email, read this

1 min read

Okay, that title was click bait, I know. Thing is, I wanted to get as many eyes on this as I could and I wasn’t sure how many people I’d piss off by doing “another boob post” or something similar to that. Here’s the deal, my buddy Justin Davis and […]