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How to install Firefox Developer Edition in GNOME on Debian Stretch

2 min read

Haven’t said much about it, but I’ve recently moved back to Firefox on all of my devices. Nightly on my phone, and Developer Edition on my computers. The installation on Arch was a piece of cake (as expected) but on my iMac running Debian 9 (Stretch) I had issues with […]

Chunking an array in JavaScript

1 min read

Recently I was working with some data coming out of a Redis pipeline and I wanted to take the data and split it up into an array of X items per key. I was working with PHP, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, just use array_chunk and get on […]

Unable to open GNOME settings on Arch Linux after GNOME upgrade

1 min read
arch linux

Often times I blog about topics because I want to make sure I have a record of an issue and how I resolved it. This is one of those times. As discussed last week, I recently made the switch from Debian to Arch Linux. The biggest draw for me was […]

The Distrohopper, or There and Back Again

3 min read

In a town in East Texas there lived a distrohopper… To catch you up, I’m a Linux user from the mid-1990s that was hot for Slackware had a brief affair with Gentoo on an iBook before settling into the ease of Ubuntu. Then I took a tragic detour into the […]