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Error: Cannot find the fakeroot binary on Arch Linux

As you may already be aware, my blog is primarily a chronicle of the issues I’ve faced and how I’ve went about solving them. Switching back to Arch Linux from Debian recently, and left me with no shortage of new gotchas to document. Nothing that’s left me thinking moving back […]

The joys of distro hopping

Whelp, it was a good run with Debian (Stable) this year, but the time finally came to switch back over to Arch Linux. A week in, and a backlog of new blog posts to write later, I think I finally figured out why I find distro hopping so appealing. Over […]

How to fire events on button clicks with OptinMonster

Recently I was asked if we could add a LinkedIn tracking event to a form on a marketing website. Upon closer inspection of the form, turns out, it wasn’t something we had direct control over, and was embedded via OptinMonster. Having worked on similar lead generation software in the past, […]

Am I AI?

As a matter of form, this blog is a collection of my actual writing. The blog started as a way to improve my writing capabilities by actually taking the time to, you know, write. While I may talk about artificial intelligence or show some AI examples associated with my own […]

How to disable the X-Mailer header with PHPMailer

Sometimes things aren’t quite as you’d expect them to be. One such case is when you try to disable the X-Mailer header with the PHPMailer library. The library itself is pretty straight forward, you instantiate the class, and then you can interact with headers as object properties as such: $mailer […]

JDownloader error: You added an archive that has several parts

Ran into an interesting problem recently while downloading some stuff off of The problem was a bit of a misnomer, but it took some head scratching for a bit to understand the issue. While using JDownloader, which is a very preferred method for downloading larger collections from, I […]

How to apply security updates on Amazon Linux 2 AMI

Security updates are important and should be applied regularly, even automated if that’s an option (it is on Debian, as part of unattended upgrades). Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers their own Linux distribution, that is, and I quote “largely binary compatible” with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Something I’ve learned about […]

How to delete Docker images

Still plagued by my undersized root / partition, I’ve had to learn a thing or two about freeing up disk space. Recently, after a string of adventures with containers, I came to realize that Docker stores it’s images in the root partition, by default at least. To remove the images […]

Anbernic RG35XX vs. RG353M

As I’ve recently procured yet another retro gaming handheld, I felt the need to give a quick comparison of two similar offerings that I own. Please keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive post, comparing sizes and weight down to the gram. This is more of […]

Are travel routers worth it?

As part of my iterative approach to most things, with every trip I take, I try to improve something. Over the years I’ve went from a cramped duffel bag to a higher end backpack meant for travel. I’ve slowly moved to having dedicated “travel” items, instead of just packing a […]

Steamworks initialisation failed running V Rising on Steam Deck

Before the wife and I jumped into Diablo IV, which runs really well on the ol’ Steam Deck, we were playing V Rising. V Rising is a great little multiplayer survival game with a vampire theme that came to us as a recommendation from a friend. While not the best […]

Linux distro conditionals in shell script

It’s happening again. I’ve grown a bit tired of Debian, and have started to long for all the bleeding edge glory that is Arch. As this is a semi-frequent occurrence in my life, I’ve gotten pretty good at juggling distributions within my shell scripts, specifically in my dotfiles. Since each […]

Easily sync Philips Hue to Alexa

Every time we move, I invest just a little bit more into smart home devices. While not the most cost effective option, we are very much “all in” on Philips Hue bulbs. While I really do love the product, getting them to play nice with Amazon Alexa’s voice controls has […]

Filtering WordPress menu items

Recently I had a request come in to update the navigation on a WordPress site. The way the request was worded made me think the change to the menu needed to happen on one specific page, and not across the entire site. This created an interesting problem, as the theme […]

How to connect to Wi-Fi from the command-line on Debian

Recently I decided to try to eliminate some unnecessary wires from my home network. One of the offending items was our home server that was hard wired to one of our mesh network routers. The original thought was that by having the server wired, we’d have a more reliable connected […]

So I've been moving weekend

THAT’S THE POST! Just kidding, but not really. Every once in a while there’s so much going on that I can’t carve out a bit of time to knock out a blog post. Usually those scenarios are planned, and I’ll just knock out the post sooner than later. This time, […]

Identifying large packages installed on Debian

Last week I talked about my quick fix to freeing up disk space on the root / partition of my Debian system. I also talked about potentially resizing my partitions at some point to help stave off the issue of root / filling up so quickly. Since the system is […]

Free up disk space on Debian by cleaning your apt cache

The other day one of my Debian systems locked up, due to the root / partition being filled up. Kind of a “same problem, different distro” scenario as a few years back I ran into the same dilemma on Arch Linux At some point, I’ll probably bite the bullet and […]

How to start an AWS CodePipeline

While not a difficult task to pull off, starting a pipeline in the AWS Console for CodePipeline does tend to be a confusing thing when somebody has never done it before. The reason for this is the naming of the action. The AWS Console doesn’t have a big shiny “Start” […]

Command not found csc on Debian

I recently inherited a .NET application, written in C#. I know little to nothing about any of the aforementioned, but I do know how to use a web search and/or AI chat bot to figure things out. That being said, I installed Mono locally, as one does when they are […]

Repository 'Debian bookworm' changed its 'non-free component' value from 'non-free' to 'non-free non-free-firmware'

While not nearly as frequent as the weirdness I used to experience with Arch Linux, Debian has it’s fair share of unique problems to solve. This week’s cropped up while running an apt update before running an apt upgrade. Fortunately, most of the stuff I run into on Debian is […]

How to install Node.js 20 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Less than a week ago, Node.js 20 release. While it’s not the current LTS release, it will be this coming October 2023. You’re probably wondering why this post is about Ubuntu 20.04 LTS considering there is a newer LTS release and multiple non-LTS releases that I could be targeting. Kinda […]

Obligatory post about artificial intelligence

Within the tech community, it seems like all we’re talking about these days is AI, ChatGPT, alternatives and such. Recently, I had the opportunity to hang out with somebody outside of the tech community and they actually brought up ChatGPT to me, and how they were leveraging it. But also, […]

Unzipping multiple files from the command-line

Ran into an issue recently where I attempting to unzip a directory of files, but the “Extract” and “Extract to” options stopped showing up in the GNOME Files app. Before realizing that the issue was due to there being a non-ZIP archive in the directory that I had selected, I […]

How do I update GodMode9?

As part of my recent spring cleaning of my Nintendo 3DS XL, I’ve been updating the custom firmware (CFW) as well as a bunch of the homebrew / after market software that I had installed. One such piece of software was GodMode9, and this was actually the first time I […]