Moving from Tumblr to Jekyll (and GitHub!)

Josh Sherman
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As you may remember, I moved my blog (and my wife’s blog and every other site blog I have) to Tumblr. At the time, it made perfect sense. Tumblr’s platform is quite robust and they have a dedicated staff that is enhancing the system (something my own blogging platform did not have). Over the course of the past year using Tumblr, I did find myself blogging more and not focusing on what my own blogging platform lacked / needed implemented. The design of my blog was also stripped down as well. I wanted to keep the UI as minimal as possible so that I could focus on content.

Such minimalism eventually led me to embracing Jekyll and utilizing GitHub for hosting of my blog. As someone that spends 80% of my time on the computer on the CLI, it only makes sense. I’m now able to edit my blog the same way I edit code (VIM!) and deploy from command-line as well. So yet again, the structure of my URI’s is changing and I’m fucking up my link juice. It will take a few days before my blog is completely migrated over and hopefully this will be for the last time. Oh, and expect some enhancements, as I’ve grown tired of the dream of the 90’s design chic.

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