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Just realized that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the trenches with some CSS:

My Projects


Grid is a mixin for LESS, the CSS pre-processor (http://lesscss.org) for generating custom grid systems. The goal of the project is to create a grid system that reduces the amount of markup needed to use the grid. This is accomplished by making some assumptions about the structure of the markup. Columns are always <div> elements that default to spanning a single column and you can generate multiple grids instead of need to set span classes on all of the column elements. I created this to use it on a site that already uses a 5 column layout for most of the pages, so I end up using 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 column grids. Also, class names are short to save some keystrokes.

colors.css and properties.css

From time to time I get bored and put together stupid shit. These two projects are just that. colors.css is a list of CSS classes for each HTML color name and properties.css is shorthand list of classes for CSS properties.

My Contributions

CSS3 Social Sign-in Buttons

I love these buttons but I was in need of a Tumblr button (which wasn’t included). Added the Tumblr button as knocked out a couple of issues with the buttons being selectable and the Twitter logo needing updated.


Just wanted to add in my useful .debug mixin (slaps a single pixel red border around the element). Also went ahead and kicked up the README file to include all of the mixin documentation.


I’m not a fan of ColdFusion, but I am a fan of this port cfdump. I recently merged in some old code that I wrote at CrowdSavings that never got merged in. Added in additional CSS so that the output does’t get jacked when you’re using a stylesheet reset. Planning on reviewing the pending pull requests and merging those in soon as well since no one else has (and they are months old).


One of my favorite lightweight CSS. Fixed some bugs and added a minified version (now even lighter!)

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