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Josh Sherman
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Starting on May 1st, 2015, I am setting out to learn Lisp because I feel like I’m missing out by not knowing it. I see it come up pretty regularly, it’s stood the test of time and there are a plethora of dialects. I am going to target Common Lisp and I am challenging anyone that is reading this to learn Lisp along with me.

To spice things up, I am going to gamify this learning exercise. I have modeled the challenge after how the game Phase 10 works. We will have 10 programming challenges that will be doled out via email, one per day. Everyone will start on the first challange. To move to the next challenge you will have to successfully complete the current day’s challenge.

If you do not complete your current challange, you will stay on that “phase” until you do. The challenge can end in as little as 10 days or could go on indefinitely if no one has completed all 10 challenges.

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