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Wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to blog about today when a stroke of inspiration occurred after the wife was strugglging to create a new Twitter account for an upcoming adventure. I tried it from her computer and everything seemed fine. She said it was because I type faster than her. She was right, but not entirely.

I watched her try to type in her email address a few times and each time the same thing happened. Twitter would attempt to verify the email address the moment it noticed a delay and then if the email was invalid, it would highlight the whole email input. Now you go to type the next letter in and the fucking thing clears out. Frustrating to say the least.

At this point I had to give it a try, paused for a brief moment and sure as shit, the page would inject an error about the email and highlight the field. Tried it in Chrome, and did not experience the same thing. Definitely seems like a Safari bug. We’re using the latest Safari on OS X Yosemite, version 8.0.6 (10600.6.3).

By far one of the most frustrating bugs I’ve seen in a while and I’m quite shocked that a company as large as Twitter would be allowing something like this to be on their production site. I know Twitter’s always struggled with the onboarding process, but this is ridiculous.

Don’t believe it? Have a look:

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