How to install Node.js v14.x on Debian and Ubuntu

Josh Sherman
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Big week for both the Node.js universe and the Ubuntu universe. Node.js version 14.x dropped on Tuesday the 21st with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS coming in hot on Thursday the 23rd.

Both releases are important because they are both long term support releases. Node.js v14.x isn’t currently LTS, but it will be at some point in the future.

This is important because both will end up being in play for quite a while due to the long term support status. More so for Ubuntu which doesn’t release as regularly as Node.js, so it will be another 2 years before another Ubuntu LTS version is released.

Regardless of which version of Debian or Ubuntu you may be running (unless it’s severely old and in need of an upgrade) you can quick and easily install or upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Node.js either by way of the NodeSource installation script, or with Node Version Manager (required for older interim Ubuntu releases):



These guides usually work for other Debian and Ubuntu forks as well (like Elementary and Mint).

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