Customer-owned and managed "COAM" modems with Spectrum

Josh Sherman
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Having moved recently, I had to not only needed to move my Internet service (through Spectrum) to the new address, as well as set up a new modem since it seemed like it was time for an upgrade. Seeing as I wasn’t able to find a ton of information about using your own modem online, I figured why not answer a few questions about it here on my blog!

Does Spectrum allow you to use your own modem?

Yes, Spectrum (a/k/a Charter, a/k/a Time Warner, a/k/a Bright House) does allow you to “bring your own modem” and opt out of their monthly tyranny. That’s why this post was filed under “money” ;)

Does the setup require a technician to come to your house?

Yes and no. Yes, if you don’t have service with them already. If your spot is already wired up, you should be able to give them a call and somebody can setup the modem over the phone.

In my experience, when a technical has to setup a non-Spectrum modem, they will try to coerce you into using the Spectrum one. Best as I can tell they do that because the Spectrum modem is probably already setup and your modem takes a bit more work on their part.

Can you swap your modem for another modem?

Not without giving Spectrum a call. There’s some magic that has to happen on Spectrum’s end, so they have to be involved with setting up your new modem. This doesn’t require a technical coming to your house though, and only takes a few minutes.

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