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How to display a JavaScript array in HTML

From time to time, I see a search query that made it to my blog that piques my interest and inspires a post. This is one such post. How does one take an array (presumably in JavaScript) and display it in HTML? Now in this day in age, I would […]

How to fix signature is unknown trust on Arch Linux

My continued love/hate relationship with Arch Linux continually yields topics to blog about. This week’s topic reared it’s head while attempting to perform an update after waiting a bit longer than I usually do, which yielded an error about one or more of the keys being “of unknown trust”. Like […]

VPS Showdown - February 2022 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

Around this time last year, we were dealing with one of the worst winter storms in Texas history. While it’s still pretty cold, we’ve been extremely fortunate this year. Hopefully everybody reading this is staying warm (or cool, if you’re south of the equator), safe and healthy! Similar to previous […]

How to fix tlp and power-profiles-daemon are in conflict on Arch Linux

I’ve been attempting to move to a more regimented weekly to every other week update of my Arch Linux systems. In doing so, I’ve stopped blocking Kernel updates and rebooting a bit more frequently. Of course, due to the nature of Arch Linux, less frequent updates means more packages to […]

Reattaching to a still attached GNU Screen session

While tmux is my daily driver for local terminal multiplexing, I still use GNU screen when I’m working on remote servers. The primary reason for this is to avoid nesting tmux sessions. I can use tmux locally, ssh to a remote server, start up a screen session and I’m off […]

How to get a time-based one-time password secret from a QR code

More and more services are adopting a “can’t scan the QR code” option that reveals the secret token. Some even go as far as offering up the secret token along side of the QR code. Others present you with the QR code and nothing more. Fortunately, those services seem to […]

Splitting strings and keeping the separator in JavaScript

When splitting strings, the majority of the time, I don’t care about the separator (or delimiter), just the strings that exist between it. In JavaScript, that’s very simply with .split(): 'one,two,three,four,five'.split(','); Which will yield an array of strings like this: ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five'] Great! But if we want […]

VPS Showdown - January 2022 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

So 2021 was interesting. Not going to bore you with the details of my life, but I am ready to bore you with the details of the world of virtual private servers! I forgot to do my “Christmas wish list” last month as I have in the past, but it’s […]

How to reset Brother HL-L3210CW Toner Cartridges

It took nearly two years, but we finally “ran out” of black toner for our all-time favorite printer, the Brother HL-L3210CW Laser Printer. More on why “ran out” is quoted in a moment ;) Personally, I hate owning a printer. I only print stuff out at most twice a year, […]

Downloading files in Node.js with Axios

I’ved used Axios a ton, but I’ve only ever used it to make AJAX requests. In fact, I don’t ever remember a time when I’ve needed to download a file and save it to disk in Node.js. That changed recently with a new side gig I’ve been helping out with. […]

How to hide Nginx server headers on Ubuntu

Nginx is a fantastic web server choice, but it tends to be a bit too mouthy by default for my taste. By mouthy, I mean that out of the box, Nginx gives up a bit too much information about itself, the operating system it’s running on, and if you’re running […]

VPS Showdown - December 2021 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

Here we are, with the final VPS Showdown of 2021. We’ve seen a few changes over the course of the year in terms of product offerings. One of the most notable was the adoption of AMD EPYC processors either a standard or premium offering depending on the provider. Next year […]

Associative arrays in Bash

Arrays, both indexed and associative are a powerful and versatile data type, regardless of the language you’re utilizing them in. At one point in Bash’s history, pre-version 4.0, Bash only had indexed arrays. These indexed arrays were defined as such: # Initialize an array with values arr=("first" "second" "third") # […]

Connecting to Wi-Fi with the iNet wireless daemon (iwctl)

Part of the Arch Linux appeal is how minimal it is. With this minimalism comes adopting command-line tools to do the basic things we take for granted, like connecting to Wi-Fi. While this isn’t necessarily the case if you install a desktop environment like GNOME or KDE, but it definitely […]

Monitoring the progress of dd

Whether you’re zeroing out an old disk drive or creating a USB flash drive with your favorite Linux distro, dd is there to take care of business. One of the shortcomings of using dd back in the day was the lack of transparency into what it was actually doing and […]

VPS Showdown - November 2021 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

Even though the year is drawing to a close, these showdowns continue. Nothing very exciting this month other than it seems Linode took their firewall offering out of beta and Vultr did the same with their Kubernetes offering. DigitalOcean continues to lead the pack in terms of their “managed” offerings, […]

Is today Halloween?

Regardless of when you read this post, there is less than a third of a percent change that today is actually Halloween. For those that legitimately unsure if today is Halloween or not, Halloween falls on the same day every year, October 31st. But the point of this post isn’t […]

How to install Node.js 17.x on Ubuntu LTS

As All Hallows Eve approaches, we are greeted with a brand new “current” release of Node.js, version 17. For those out there are aren’t aware of how Node.js releases work, even numbered releases eventually get promoted to long-term support (LTS) status, while odd numbered releases, will not. They are effectively […]

Spotify stuck in fullscreen

I’m not sure why it happens, but from time to time I’ll start up Spotify (in GNOME) and it will not only be in fullscreen mode, but there’s no apparent way to exit out. Even though the cause will probably remain a mystery, I did figure out how to get […]

Free up disk space on Arch Linux by clearing your pacman cache

Generally speaking, I tend to run Linux with a single partition. But, with my work laptop, I [for some unknown reason] had opted to run with a dual partition setup, for root / and home /home. Not the most earth shattering setup, but I did end up starving my root […]

VPS Showdown - October 2021 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

Q4 is upon us! I’ve been busy moving recently, so I’ve admittedly not been as on top of the VPS news (or my Twitter account) in the last few weeks. That being said, it looks like Lightsail is not offering container hosting, which I’m assuming is a bit more inline […]

Customer-owned and managed "COAM" modems with Spectrum

Having moved recently, I had to not only needed to move my Internet service (through Spectrum) to the new address, as well as set up a new modem since it seemed like it was time for an upgrade. Seeing as I wasn’t able to find a ton of information about […]

Best way to pin TypeScript as a dependency

While I’m a pretty big fan of TypeScript, there’s some stuff that drives me up a wall. One of those things recently came to light during the release of TypeScript 4.4 on a Friday afternoon. So it was nearing both end of day and end of week, and we were […]

[FIXED] Repository ' buster/updates InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'stable' to 'oldstable'

Even though I haven’t upgraded from Debian 10 “Buster” to Debian 11 “Bullseye”, I’ve already been bitten by a bug. The bug showed up in one of my local Docker containers that is running Debian Upon starting the container, I run apt-get update and was faced with this nasty thing: […]

VPS Showdown - September 2021 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. UpCloud vs. Vultr

September, the last month of summer (in the northern hemisphere at least) but not the end of comparing a few VPS providers. Didn’t see a lot happening this month side from Vultr starting a beta period for their Kubernetes offering in a few of their data centers. As always, I’ve […]