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$5 VPS Showdown - March 2019 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. Vultr

New month, new batch of benchmarks! An FYI for the folks that send me requests to include different providers, I want you to know that you are heard I’m feeling like I’ve optimized my workflow enough that adding in a new provider or two soon wouldn’t take much additional time, […]

Google Price Protection

The of saga continues… First my phone stopped connecting to the cellular network. Then I casually reset my phone, unknowingly locking myself out of my Authy account. Then after pulling the trigger on a new phone, the Pixel 3, the Googs ran a promotion to get 200 bucks off a […]

Yoga pants and your camel toe

Yoga Pants and Your Camel Toe… it’s just not SFW! Hello, it’s thatgirljen, aka the wife, just taking over once again. Love is in the air. Happy [belated] Valentine’s Day. Now, I might have been the master-mind behind the boob post, so for those who are not personally acquainted […]

What to expect when you reset your Authy account

I’ve been an Authy user for a while. I switched to it after I had lost some accounts in my Google Authenticator app when I had switched phones. This was never an issue with Authy, and on the off chance I didn’t have access to an authorized device, I was […]

The Best Hot Lunch on a Budget

Lunch used to be a problem. It’s yet another decision that has to be made every day and it’s a strain on the wallet if you eat out every day. Eating out on the cheap usually means you’re eating garbage to boot. A few years ago when I quit my […]

$5 VPS Showdown - February 2019 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. Vultr

It’s about that time again! Even though the last week has been pretty hectic with travel, I’m still trying hard to make sure these VPS comparisons are showing up on the first Monday of the month (which lines up with my usual blogging schedule). Seems the 5 buck pricing tier […]

Why would they do it that way?

I’ve been a professional software engineer for just shy of half of my life. Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to work with a ton of different people and personalities. A common theme with most developers is that they really like to do things their way. This tends to […]

Posting code snippets to Slack

A buddy of mine recently asked me how to post code to Slack and make it look good. It wasn’t the first time this has come up either. Different folks have asked, not like the same person keeps bugging me about it :P Trying to explain things to him reminded […]

The Good Book

Happy 2019 everyone! It’s thatgirljen, aka the wife, once again with another guest post. It’s a new year, and I don’t really do that whole resolutions thing. I think it’s kinda silly to make a proclamation about how “I’m going to do this one thing this year.” What I DO […]

How to List Installed Packages on Linux

Originally I was going to talk about how to list installed packages on my desktop distro of choice, Arch Linux. Then I remembered that not everybody is as enlightened as I am, so I should probably cover other distributions as well ;) And really, it’s really not a distro-centric situation, […]

$5 VPS Showdown - January 2019 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. Vultr

New year, new set of benchmarks. Decided to start the year off with a comparison at the 5 dollar tier. Best as I can tell, this price point tends to be a favorite so I’m probably going to stick with it this year. Either that or every month moving up […]

2018 Recap, Accomplishments, and Lessons Learned

Because I don’t feel like blogging on New Year’s Day this year, I thought it would be good to knock out a year in review post on this final Monday of the year. Recap 2018 was a transitional year of sorts for me as well as the family. For me […]

VPS Support Showdown - December 2018 - DigitalOcean vs. Lightsail vs. Linode vs. Vultr

Aside from requests to include insert your favorite VPS here, the top request I receive about these VPS Showdowns is to compare the support of each provider. I’ve always hated this idea for a few reasons. First, I think it’s a pretty hard to quantify metric. What is being compared? […]


“S.O.S. It’s going down, she’s asking questions, HELP!” This was pretty much the text I sent to Josh on the 6th of January 2017. Hello again, it’s thatgirljen, aka the wife, with another guest post. This post is about one of my many awesome parenting moments. :) The kiddo has […]

How to install the latest nginx on Debian and Ubuntu

It’s been a minute since I’ve built out a new server, specifically a web server. As I ventured down the path of installing the latest version of nginx recently, I found the official documentation to be a touch lacking. The steps were clear enough, but the installation guide didn’t mention […]

GNU Screen Hotkeys vs. Tmux Hotkeys

Years ago I had finally picked up on using a terminal multiplexer as part of my day to day workflow. I started with tmux having only used screen for one off server tasks that I wanted to persist across my Internet connection taking a shit. Nothing wrong with tmux but […]

Your shell aliases may be making you dumb

Maybe not, but mine definitely have been. Doubt this is a popular opinion but I’ve recently come to realization that while seemingly making me more productive, my shell aliases have the potential of making me dumb. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of shell aliases, but I’m […]

My 2019 Goals

For the last couple of years I’ve done a post the weekend after Thanksgiving to outline for goals for the coming year. Last year I went pretty big with my goals, a la Grant Cardone and the 10X Rule. But this isn’t a recap post, so I’m not quite ready […]

VPS $3.50 Showdown - November 2018 - Lightsail vs. Vultr

Before you go commenting on the obvious, let me go ahead and clear the air a bit. First off, yes, DigitalOcean and Linode are purposefully omitted from this comparison because they lack of a $3.50 tier. Second, yes, I’m aware there are other providers that offer $3.50 pricing tiers. Most […]

America: Our National Language

Hello, it’s thatgirljen, the wife, here again with a guest post! You might not know, but I’m a homeschooling parent. That means I get to impart all sorts of vital information and knowledge upon our kiddo. Thankfully, there’s the internet, which is great for sourcing and researching all the facts. […]

The most efficient way to check the last character of a string with JavaScript

Recently I was writing some code that needed to detect if a certain character was at the end of the string to determine if some additional logic should be executed. The reason for this was because the additional logic to run was pretty hefty and for pre-mature optimization’s sake, I […]

Save time by not locking your computer

Okay, so this is one of those topics that I know may seem pretty fucking dumb, but I’m telling you, it’s completely legit and isn’t nearly as insecure as you are probably thinking. Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s counterintuitive to leave your computer unlocked, especially in more public settings […]

Using alternate SSH ports with rsync

I live on the command-line. I also use the hell out of rsync to move files around. And because I’m paranoid / security conscious, I run sshd on an alternate port to provide an additional layer of obscurity to things. While providing me with some piece of mind, using an […]

Kicking the wife out of the house

You might have read about me on a few occasions. I’m Jen aka thatgirljen, or here I think I’m lovingly referred to as the wife or the Mrs. My over-time job is being the mom, wife and partner. But enough about me. Today I wanted to share something that has […]

Upgrade to Node.js 10.x or 11.x on Ubuntu 18.10

The latest and greatest, albeit not a long-term support release, from Canonical is here! Ubuntu 18.10, Cosmic Cuttlefish, was released this month and shipped with the current LTS version of Node.js, version 8. Actually, it’s a minor revision behind at the moment with 8.11.x being what’s available. Not that there’s […]