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Identifying large packages installed on Debian

Last week I talked about my quick fix to freeing up disk space on the root / partition of my Debian system. I also talked about potentially resizing my partitions at some point to help stave off the issue of root / filling up so quickly. Since the system is […]

Free up disk space on Debian by cleaning your apt cache

The other day one of my Debian systems locked up, due to the root / partition being filled up. Kind of a “same problem, different distro” scenario as a few years back I ran into the same dilemma on Arch Linux At some point, I’ll probably bite the bullet and […]

Command not found csc on Debian

I recently inherited a .NET application, written in C#. I know little to nothing about any of the aforementioned, but I do know how to use a web search and/or AI chat bot to figure things out. That being said, I installed Mono locally, as one does when they are […]

Repository 'Debian bookworm' changed its 'non-free component' value from 'non-free' to 'non-free non-free-firmware'

While not nearly as frequent as the weirdness I used to experience with Arch Linux, Debian has it’s fair share of unique problems to solve. This week’s cropped up while running an apt update before running an apt upgrade. Fortunately, most of the stuff I run into on Debian is […]

How to install Node.js 20 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Less than a week ago, Node.js 20 release. While it’s not the current LTS release, it will be this coming October 2023. You’re probably wondering why this post is about Ubuntu 20.04 LTS considering there is a newer LTS release and multiple non-LTS releases that I could be targeting. Kinda […]

Removing unneeded Firefox ESR language packs on Debian

I went to run an apt upgrade today and came to realize that I had over 60 language packs for Firefox ESR installed. Seems somewhere along the way I accidentally installed these language packs, or perhaps installed the meta package firefox-esr-l10n-all that pulls in every single language pack that’s available. […]

Enabling and disabling unattended upgrades on Debian and Ubuntu

The unattended-upgrades package on Debian is absolutely fantastic. It takes cares of the stable packages that can be installed safely automatically, leaving you with fewer manual upgrades that you have to deal with yourself. Sadly though, I ran into an issue recently where the unattended-upgrades script was running in the […]

Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring

One of the more noticeable things to come out of me switching from Arch Linux back over to Debian, is that I’m rarely running into any issues. Because I’m not running into any weirdness, it’s been at a detriment to my blog, as my time on Arch was a constant […]

Reinstalling packages on Debian and Ubuntu

My recent migration from Arch Linux to Debian (testing) has been an extremely smooth one, but not without it’s issues. A small issue I ran into early on was a problem with totem, the video app, crapping out. While I’m not sure exactly what the heck went wrong, the quick […]

How to install Node.js 19 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Periodically, I check my site analytics to see which posts are getting the most traffic. It never ceases to amaze me at how many posts documenting older versions of Ubuntu, as far back as 16.04 LTS, still receive regular traffic. While they may not be evergreen forever, there’s something to […]

A month after switching to Debian, I know I made the right call

A bit more than a month ago, I wrote about switching from my beloved Arch Linux to my other beloved, Debian. After taking the month of September to settle in and figured out if I had made a horrible mistake, I’m happy to report that I feel like I made […]

How to search for installable packages on Debian

The thing that I miss most of all since moving from Arch Linux back over to Debian is the Arch User Repository (AUR). Every package I ever needed was there, sometimes multiple times based on different forks that folks were maintaining. Even without the AUR, Debian has a massive number […]

Switching from Arch Linux back to Debian

After the better part of the last decade running Arch Linux as my primary distro of choice on my laptops, I’ve decided to hang it up and move back to Debian. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with Arch Linux. In fact, it’s been one of my favorite […]

SSH into server with broken or missing shell

I did the unthinkable the other day. I attempted to upgrade my Debian home server (sherver) from Debian 10 to 11. In doing so, I fat fingered something in /etc/apt/sources.list. I then proceeded to run the usual update and upgrade commands, not paying any attention to any output. Then I […]

How to install Node.js 18 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

It’s that time of year again, for not just a new version of Node.js, but for a new version of Ubuntu as well! Sadly though, my preferred method of installing Node.js on Ubuntu isn’t quite ready for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. That’s okay though, I don’t like to upgrade to a […]

How to hide Nginx server headers on Ubuntu

Nginx is a fantastic web server choice, but it tends to be a bit too mouthy by default for my taste. By mouthy, I mean that out of the box, Nginx gives up a bit too much information about itself, the operating system it’s running on, and if you’re running […]

How to install Node.js 17.x on Ubuntu LTS

As All Hallows Eve approaches, we are greeted with a brand new “current” release of Node.js, version 17. For those out there are aren’t aware of how Node.js releases work, even numbered releases eventually get promoted to long-term support (LTS) status, while odd numbered releases, will not. They are effectively […]

[FIXED] Repository ' buster/updates InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'stable' to 'oldstable'

Even though I haven’t upgraded from Debian 10 “Buster” to Debian 11 “Bullseye”, I’ve already been bitten by a bug. The bug showed up in one of my local Docker containers that is running Debian Upon starting the container, I run apt-get update and was faced with this nasty thing: […]

How to install Node.js 16 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Ubuntu tends to drop a new version of their April release shortly after a new version of Node.js drops. Every other year, this Ubuntu release is a long-term support release, which has a longer shelf life in terms of support and maintenance compared to their interim releases. True to form […]

How to install Node.js v15.x on Ubuntu

New Ubuntu and Node.js versions released recently. While neither is a long-term service (LTS) release, they still represent the best that both parties have to offer. Even though Ubuntu 20.10 is here, it’s still shipping with an older version of Node.js, v12.x to be exact. If you’re like me, you […]

The repository does not have a Release file on older Ubuntu releases

Recently I working on some posts on how to upgrade to Node v14.x on a variety of different versions of Debian and Ubuntu. The big gotcha came with trying to get things running on versions of Ubuntu that were at end of life and no longer receiving security updates. The […]

How to install Node.js v14.x on Debian and Ubuntu

Big week for both the Node.js universe and the Ubuntu universe. Node.js version 14.x dropped on Tuesday the 21st with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS coming in hot on Thursday the 23rd. Both releases are important because they are both long term support releases. Node.js v14.x isn’t currently LTS, but it will […]

How to install Node.js v14.x on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

The latest and greatest long term service release of Ubuntu is here and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t get to enjoy the latest and greatest (soon to be) long term service release of Node.js as well. Follow these quick and easy steps to install Node.js v14.x on your shiney […]

How to install Node.js v14.x on Ubuntu 19.10

Even though Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is right around the corner, that doesn’t mean you’re going to jump right on it. If you’re waiting for that first point release but still want to harness the power of the latest and greatest version of Node.js, you can follow these quick and easy […]

How to install Node.js v14.x on Ubuntu 19.04

Just because you’re a couple of versions behind the current Ubuntu release doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to take advantage of the latest version of Node.js. Follow these quick and easy steps to install Node.js v14.x on your Ubuntu 19.04 system.<h2 id="getting-started">Getting started</h2> Before we can install Node.js we need […]