Re-establishing my web presence

So it’s been a while since I’ve had a dedicated web presence for myself (roughly
August 2005 was the last time). That’s not counting the short lived static
content site I had up on prior to this site. Anyway, long story
short is, I’m re-establishing my web presence under the joshtronic moniker. Why joshtronic? Well because it seems there are quite a few Josh Sherman’s out there with different variations of the name (I personally own but plan on letting it lapse… dot com’s are where it’s at). Seems every time I have a blog on a site, I end up posting the infamous “sorry it’s been a while” type posts every few months. This time around will hopefully be different. First and foremost, no apologies and no regrets. Second of all, I run into problems that need a solution, so I figure, why not post about some of that stuff, and potential solutions that I ended up trying and what ended up working? That would force me to post on the site and also keep it from being so “dear diary” type drivel. This would also give me a bit of documentation on the problems, because I usually don’t write out the steps to resolve the problems I’ve solved. I usually end up six months down the road wondering WTF I did previously to get it working. So yeah, I am joshtronic, this is my site. Also, I’m aware that the site looks a lot like Daring Fireball to quote Picasso (yes, Steve Jobs stole the line) “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

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About Josh

Husband. Father. Pug dad. Musician. Founder of Holiday API, Head of Engineering and Emoji Specialist at Mailshake, and author of the best damn Lorem Ipsum Library for PHP.

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