Nintendo Wii Won’t Power On

This is the second time this has happened to me in the last 6 weeks, my Nintendo Wii simply will not power on. No lights, no anything. The last time it happened, I unplugged everything, unplugged the power adapter from the wall and proceeded to pop the side doors off before taking it apart. Before I got too deep, I went ahead and tried another outlet and the damned thing powered up just fine. Well it happened again tonight, and I decided to troubleshoot a bit better. I unplugged the power from the back of the Wii and left it unplugged for 10 minutes or so. No lights. So I repeated 2 more times. Nothing x2. Before giving up all hope, I said to myself “you’re only unplugging it from the back of the console, how about unplugging it from the wall?” I proceeded with unplugging the cord from the outlet and let it sit for another 10 minutes. Plugged it in and it worked just fine. The issue only seems to come up after the power is abruptly cut from the unit (we have a not so secure 6 outlet adapter that occasionally gets knocked by the door to the entertainment center). If your Wii won’t boot up, definitely give this a try.

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