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So I have a tendency to add a bunch of new files to a project before actually doing a commit in Subversion. It’s usually not an issue, I go through an add each new file and then finally do my commit. Welp, I’m sick of it, so I wrote a little Bash script to help automate the process slightly. The script takes the directory and loops through detecting any files marked as “?”. From there, it will prompt if you would like to add it or not. Easy as that. Unfortunately, I wrote it after I did a large commit earlier this evening. Next time, I suppose.


# Assists in adding files currently not in a Subversion repository by
# automatically prompting you as to whether or not you want to add each
# file not currently in the repository
# @author Josh Sherman
# @link

if [ -z "$1" ] then
    echo "Usage: /path/to/svn/repository"
    svn_status=`svn status $1`


for i in $svn_status do

    if [ $add_file == true ] then
        echo -n "Add $i? [Y/n]: "
        read confirm

        if [ -z $confirm ] || [ $confirm == "Y" ] || [ $confirm == "y" ] then
            svn add $i &> /dev/null
            echo "Added $i"

    if [ $i == "?" ] then
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