Oops I tried KDE again... and back to GNOME

Josh Sherman
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It had been a good 6+ months or so since my last attempt at using KDE and I had that bug up my ass yet again. I had originally installed KDE on my wife’s laptop on whim and was very impressed at first. So much so that I decided to install 4.2 on my desktop computer. I was starry eyed for a day or so but then kept coming back to the fundamental issue I always have, KDE just isn’t productive for me. I did successfully get my GTK apps (specifically Firefox and Pidgin) to look as they should in KDE. I even gave Kopete another chance, but did end up back using Pidgin. I made sure to give it the old college try at least for a little while, but then it happened. I came decided I wasn’t going to make Kwin perform the way I wanted it to, so I switched back to Compiz Fusion. Compiz ran like a champ, but I was missing hotkeys. I went into the config and messed around with resetting them and all that and they just wouldn’t work. I can do without the Desktop Cube, but I needed some sort of hotkey to flip between virtual desktops, clicking the panel widget or mouse wheeling on the wallpaper wasn’t going to cut it. At this point I was a bit defeated in the lack of hotkey for desktop switching, but I was going to give it some more time. That’s when I tried adding some more plasmoid desktop widgets. Some installed fine, but most threw errors. Error I wasn’t planning on researching. Long story short, I’m back in GNOME. I really like the desktop widgets in KDE but that wasn’t enough to keep me there. KDE, I’ll see you again in 6 months.

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