RMS makes me want to be a better person

So I’ve been following the saga of Tomboy Notes (and subsequently Mono) being
added to the Debian
On the surface, it seems fairly harmless, and part of that is because I not only
use Tomboy, but I enjoy it. As part of the ongoing saga, Richard M. Stallman
(RMS) has spoken out against the
inclusion because .NET is not free software.

Regardless of where this all falls, I have to come out and say that RMS makes me
want to be a better person. So much so, that I even gave
gNewSense a once over to perhaps alleviate my
shackles towards non-free software. Well, as much as I want to be a better
person, and I may even give up Tomboy / any other Mono apps for that matter, I
don’t see me using an operating system that doesn’t seem to handle my wireless
card when I boot up the Live CD. I’m hoping to give
Gobuntu a try soon, I’m
assuming it will work better than gNewSense out of the box.

So yeah, RMS is definitely a better person than I… for now.

Oh, and for the record,

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