Redesign to the Max

If you haven’t noticed already, this site got a drastic face lift recently. For
the first time in a while, I made sure to mock up the entire site before
starting to mess with the mark up. Weapon of choice was the GIMP (as per usual)
and the process was fairly painless. Just to restate this for all the hates, you
can actually make graphics in the GIMP. Just because you don’t know how to use
the application, doesn’t mean other people don’t. The same holds true for any
piece of software, but for whatever reason it comes up very often in the
Photoshop versus the GIMP debate. Sadly, I’ve let my Photoshop skills fade over
the years, but have also been able to acquire a decent skill set in the GIMP. To
get back on topic, yeah, the site’s been revamped and no longer looks like a
cheap rip off of Jon Gruber’s Daring Fireball website. There will be more
updates in the coming weeks / months, and perhaps a decent amount of tweaking to
the actual design just because I’m not 100% satisfied with the new header. I’ve
been partially swayed because it was described as “gay” (twice) by Daniel
(not that there’s anything wrong with that… but
I can see his point) as well as “very 90s” by Dean
(I can see that as well, scan lines in any
capacity can do that). Oh, I didn’t mention, the site looks like total ass in
Internet Explorer 6… that was on purpose. Eventually I’ll get around to doing
something special for the IE6 users out there (like a redirect to the goatse
man, or simply stripping all of the CSS from the page). Special thanks to my
friend Geoff from Plan8 Studios for helping
out with some CSS questions I had.

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