Server Migration

After nearly a decade of hosting on a dedicated server, I’ve finally made the jump to a virtual private host. Partially to save money, partially for some personal reasons, but mostly because I wanted more ease in scalability. The host I ultimately settled with was Linode, mainly because of their operating system selection, specifically, I wanted to run Ubuntu and MediaTemple lost out because they aren’t doing Ubuntu servers yet. Over the last week I went ahead and migrated all of my sites over to the new server as well as all of my subversion repositories to git. Thus far, I’m very impressed with both Linode’s and git’s speed. To finish this hectic week, I also did some redesign on this site to help bring it out of the 90s and into the now. Oh, and if you’re interested in hosting with Linode, please use me as a referral, my code is 5f682793582e82ce686747c851b998dc1f86a55b.

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