Project Update

Thought I’d post to let everyone know what new projects I’ve launched in the last few months.

Update Much?!

A simple Twitter add-on site that I built for @thatgirljen to help her manage the Twitter accounts she maintains. The concept is simple, you log in via Twitter and the site will show you the folks you follow on Twitter that haven’t been updating. You can select the threshold on how many days it’s been since their last tweet. From there you can unfollow.

jQuery Plug-in: DrawBox

DrawBox was conceived out of the need to collect electronic signatures on the Apple iPad. As part of my open source initiative at, the prototype I wrote was bundled into a jQuery plug-in and released (as of this writing, version 1.0). I’ve already seen it in the wild, and based on the mentions of it on Twitter, it’s fairly big in Japan


Another piece of code written for my wife. EtsyShell allows you to easily set up an external site for your Etsy Shop. Built around PHP5’s SimpleXML class and some clean mark-up. A working EtsyShell can be seen at

Tux ‘n Droid

The latest thing to come out of the Joshtronic / Gravity Boulevard Network of Evil is a webcomic featuring my favorite open source mascots Tux and Android. Updates are Monday, Wednesday and Friday and hopefully one day a week the comic will actually be entertaining


Not really ready for prime time, I did finally man up and post PICKLES to GitHub for the world to see. Over the next month or so the framework should be ready for mass consumption.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to, what about you?

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