My Thoughts on Rails Rumble

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a big fan of Rails, largely due to the fact that I dislike the community. So this year, I decided to follow the Rails Rumble on Twitter just because I found it all fairly intriguing and wanted to see the different stages of development. Keep in mind, I was following mostly Tampa teams as that’s where I’m from and wanted to support the locals.

So everything seemed cool, by the end I was even like “wow, I should learn Rails and form a team for next year”. How wrong that statement was. After everyone caught up on sleep, and the public voting began, the ugly head of overly competitive geeks started to show. Slandering other teams, bitching about how un-innovative their products were, being babies that other teams were spamming their links more than they were (or were they whining about the fact that they weren’t first place, hard to say).

Guess what folks, it’s just a popularity contest, people are going to spam their voting links. On the topic of innovation, building a damn “check-in” app that applies to a niche market isn’t innovative, stop kidding yourself. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone was acting like that, but seeing it at all reminds me that these things are just popularity contests and I generally don’t partake.

Also, if anyone cares, I thought GitWrite was pretty cool.

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