Tux ‘n Droid: How I spent not even 2 months as a starving webcomic artist

It’s [was] like The Odd Couple, but not as funny. Incidentally, starting a webcomic seemed like a great idea at the time. I knew it was going to be hard to keep the content coming, so I cut some corners with the art (a la Dinosaur Comics) by having some pre-done graphics and sticking to 3 panels.

Major downfall was trying to do 3 comics a week. Week 1 started on a Wednesday so it was only 2 comics, and for the next 3 weeks I was doing 3 comics a week, then took a week off and ended on a high note by doing another 3fer week. A total of 14 comics total and officially defunct as I’m letting the domain expire.

Perhaps not my most fruitful endeavor, it was definitely fun at the time. What’s really bitchin’ is telling people I’m a retired webcomic artist. Please enjoy the following Tux ‘n Droid anthology in all it’s glory. If anyone wants to rekindle the comic, let me know I’ll send you the XCF files 😉

May 26th, 2010


May 28th, 2010


May 31st, 2010


June 2nd, 2010


June 4th, 2010


June 7th, 2010


June 9th, 2010


June 11th, 2010


June 14th, 2010


June 16th, 2010


June 18th, 2010


June 28th, 2010


June 30th, 2010


July 2nd, 2010


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